In response to the daily prompt Punishment

Remember when you were a kid and being sent to your room was the worst punishment in the world, right? Now as an adult, it’s an invitation, a reward.

“You’ve been bad, go to my room,” he says.

“But I was just,” you protest. You weren’t doing anything wrong, were you?

He gives you that look as he tells you, “You were touching yourself without me.” As if it’s the greatest crime in the world.

“I’m sorry,” you say meekly. You know what to do. You wait. On your knees, head bowed. He could make you wait minutes or hours. Isn’t the anticipation part of the fun, I mean, the punishment?

“I hope you’ve spent this time reflecting on your bad behaviour,” he finally joins you. You don’t shiver with anticipation, you’re too busy panting.

“I have,” you reply without looking up.

“Time for your punishment then,” he says and you can’t control it. You groan and shudder, la petite mort, the little death. The power he has when mere words make you come.

Of course he has noticed, you’re not the only one breathless as he orders gruffly, “On your feet, hands on the bed.”

Your knees are weak but you comply, sneaking a look at him, still in his jeans and shirt while you’re stripped bare. You place your hands, arch your back, the perfect position for him to take you in.

“Good girl baby,” he praises and he strokes a hand over your bottom. You whimper at the pleasure, feel yourself get even wetter for him.

You close your eyes so you can focus on your hearing, the whisper of clothes being removed, the jangle of his belt buckle.

“Look at you, so ready for me,” he praises and you groan as you feel his hands on your ankles. “Are you ready for your punishment?” he asks as he kisses your thigh.

“I’m ready,” you gasp but you’re really not, you press your face into the mattress to smother your scream as you feel his mouth between your legs, kissing, licking sucking.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no,” you chant as your knees quiver, you try not to grind against his face.

“Not yet,” he removes his mouth to warn you as he gives you a light slap on your ass. “If you come I’ll stop,” he threatens and you sob once.

He licks and sucks, his moans of approval music to your ears as you hold on, hold on.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” he rasps and you feel him behind you, his body strong and hot.

Punishment of the best kind.