In response to the daily prompt: Sanctuary

I close my eyes and I’m there. Wrapped in your arms, your chest warm against my back. We sat on the beach for hours, watched the waves crash on the shore, people walking, kids playing. The sun dropping lower and lower.

I remember being awed by the power of the ocean, struck by how small and insignificant I was in comparison. But you were behind be, supporting me, making me feel bigger and braver and meaningful. In your arms, I don’t disappear.

Do you remember how we watched the stars come out and then you turned me to face you?

“I love this dress,” your whisper in my ear sent a shiver through me.

You arranged me, arranged yourself and as you kissed me, your lips tasting of the salt of the ocean, you took me. You moved so slowly, so tenderly, you loved me, and at the end I cried.

After, we walked up the beach and said goodbye. If I had known it would be forever I would never have said it.