Another Friday night spent thinking about you. Tomorrow will be torture as usual…

me: so how was your date?
you: terrible, I spent all night wishing she was you
me: (shocked voice) really?
you: yes really. You’re the only woman for me
I gaze into your blue eyes as you lean towards me and your lips brush mine teasingly
you: (husky whisper) I’ve wanted you for so long

Woah, hello fantasy land! Here’s the reality:

me: so how was your date?
you: amazing, I think we really clicked, you know?
me: what was this, date three right?
you: (a flush touches your cheeks as you nod) yup, lucky number three
I hate to ask, I really do but I’m your best friend right? And that’s what best friend’s do
me: so was it lucky?
I add in a little eyebrow wiggle so we’re both on the same page about what lucky means
you: (now you smirk just a little) it was
me: And?
I always have to prompt you, we’ve played this game so many times before
you: it was pretty good, she was …
me: (pseudo hopeful voice) kinky?
you: (roll your eyes and laugh a little) not everyone’s a pervert like you. No, she was sweet
me: huh, no kink at all
You shake your head as you take a sip of your coffee
me: bummer for you
you: well how was your Friday night? Tie anyone up?
Just myself. In knots thinking about you …
me: nah, I ran out of rope the night before. So when are you seeing her again?
you: oh any minute now, I asked her to join us …

Oh joy! Welcome to my nightmare