You walk towards me with your usual smile, and I smile back.

“Babe,” you greet me with a kiss on the cheek and I do my normal gripe about your stubble.

“What’s with the sandpaper?” I cup your jaw and give a little rub. “Too busy fucking to shave?” I smirk.

“Hey, leave my manscaping alone,” you grab my hand and kiss the back of it making my heart stutter a little.

We both sit and sip the coffee I’d ordered before you arrived, then you go and buy a piece of cheesecake for us to share. Next, you break my heart.

“So I think she’s the one,” you say with a nervous smile.

I swallow the bite I’d just taken, wash down the sawdust with lukewarm coffee.

“The one?” I repeat and have to clear my throat. “Like the one you want to do bad things to,” I arch my brows, try to make a joke.

You laugh and pat my hand where it’s resting lifeless on the table between us.

“I think I love her babe,” you say it quietly, with reverence in your voice.

“That’s amazing, I’m so happy for you,” I lie and a tear leaks out.

“Aww babe, look at you crying with happiness for me,” you grin and move your chair closer to hug me.

“I know,” I sniff and it’s only a little bit of a show. “I never thought you’d find someone to put up with your crap.”

“Yeah, me too,” you laugh and sit back in your chair. “Now we have to find someone to put up with your crap.”

“Yeah, let’s get right on that,” I say then shove another bite of cheesecake into my mouth.

“I know a guy,” you say and I smile and act interested so you don’t notice I’m dying inside.