a little bit smutty


August 2016

Unsent letter

Dear E, Words are failing me today, I'm so overwhelmed by emotion. I just have this fierce need to write to you. I keep staring at the date, wondering if I've forgotten something. A birthday, an anniversary? It could have... Continue Reading →

A dirty mind once thought …

Contains a graphic sex scene between consenting adults In response to the daily prompt Vice “Baby that feels so good,” he groaned as I licked up the side of his cock then sucked the head. I opened my mouth and... Continue Reading →

Pick your vice …

When I see the word vice I don't think immoral, evil, depraved, or degrading. I think of guilty pleasures like chocolate, too much wine, these photos by Michael Stokes ...

I might need a drink …

“Fuuuuck,” Adrian drawled. “What?” I lifted the beer I was nursing and took a sip as he shook his head at me. “Sometimes I forget how fucking sexy Dee is,” he said with a chin lift and I followed his... Continue Reading →

Three little words …

"Come on Jay!" Adrian banged on the bathroom door. "Fuck off," I called back. "Next time give me some warning and you wont have to sit around waiting for me to shave." The door opened to reveal him holding a... Continue Reading →

My bad!

I'm not into sports, never been the sort of girl to take an interest just because the boys are watching a game. Instead, I'd play a game, read a book, go for a walk, whatever. I think I've made a... Continue Reading →

Liar Liar

In response to the Daily Prompt Witness "Don't look at me," I whispered as I stood behind her, my hands on her shoulders. "I can't do this if you look at me." "Can't do what? Jay?" She tried to turn,... Continue Reading →

so very very obvious …

Why do I hate you? Isn't it Obvious? Look at you ... With your fuck you eyes And your fuck me thighs Your wicked lips That whisper sins and lies Places to touch And places to bite Filthy thoughts That... Continue Reading →


In response to the Daily Prompt Obvious It was an insidious seduction right from the start. I was taken in by the romance of it all, enjoyed being cherished and protected. But it changed. My friends were the first casualty... Continue Reading →

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