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August 2016

Unsent letter

Dear E, Words are failing me today, I'm so overwhelmed by emotion. I just have this fierce need to write to you. I keep staring at the date, wondering if I've forgotten something. A birthday, an anniversary? It could have... Continue Reading →

A dirty mind once thought …

Contains a graphic sex scene between consenting adults In response to the daily prompt Vice “Baby that feels so good,” he groaned as I licked up the side of his cock then sucked the head. I opened my mouth and... Continue Reading →

Pick your vice …

When I see the word vice I don't think immoral, evil, depraved, or degrading. I think of guilty pleasures like chocolate, too much wine, these photos by Michael Stokes ...

I might need a drink …

“Fuuuuck,” Adrian drawled. “What?” I lifted the beer I was nursing and took a sip as he shook his head at me. “Sometimes I forget how fucking sexy Dee is,” he said with a chin lift and I followed his... Continue Reading →

Three little words …

"Come on Jay!" Adrian banged on the bathroom door. "Fuck off," I called back. "Next time give me some warning and you wont have to sit around waiting for me to shave." The door opened to reveal him holding a... Continue Reading →

My bad!

I'm not into sports, never been the sort of girl to take an interest just because the boys are watching a game. Instead, I'd play a game, read a book, go for a walk, whatever. I think I've made a... Continue Reading →

Liar Liar

In response to the Daily Prompt Witness "Don't look at me," I whispered as I stood behind her, my hands on her shoulders. "I can't do this if you look at me." "Can't do what? Jay?" She tried to turn,... Continue Reading →

so very very obvious …

Why do I hate you? Isn't it Obvious? Look at you ... With your fuck you eyes And your fuck me thighs Your wicked lips That whisper sins and lies Places to touch And places to bite Filthy thoughts That... Continue Reading →


In response to the Daily Prompt Obvious It was an insidious seduction right from the start. I was taken in by the romance of it all, enjoyed being cherished and protected. But it changed. My friends were the first casualty... Continue Reading →

Make-up mini-golf

In response to the Daily Prompt Miniature "Seriously Rox, miniature golf?" I shook my head at the sight of the entry; the loud music and flashing lights. This was a nightmare. "Come on Jay, it'll be fun," she said enthusiastically... Continue Reading →

Can You See Me?

Miniature That's me In the distance No I'm right here Only you don't see me As the person I am Strong Brave In your mind I am the person you want me to be Small Fragile To you I will... Continue Reading →

Is this a teachable moment?

In response to the Daily Prompt Learning So the picture I've chosen today is from the instagram account Hot Dudes Reading I thought he looked kind of scholarly ... would he inspire a blog post about around education, learning, teachers?... Continue Reading →

Wrong number?

In response to the Daily Prompt Jeopardize "Hello?" "Roxie I'm so sorry!" "Jay? Are you drunk? It's Dee." "No honey it's not, I swear Rox. Nothing has ever happened with Dee." "No Jay, you've called me; Dee." "I know I... Continue Reading →

Reasons I hate Travis DesLaurier

He has a cat named Jacob that he loves. That's great, he's an animal lover, yay! I'm allergic to cats, boo! I have no idea how old he is but he looks young. I feel a bit like a dirty... Continue Reading →

What he didn’t say

I loved it when he called me baby A simple 'hey baby' could melt me It was a sign of things ending When he started using my name This time around We never even started No endearments No deep connections... Continue Reading →

Can’t prove a thing

In response to the Daily Prompt Youth Imagine if you will, a karaoke bar Tight jeans, three inch heels A very bad rendition of {insert favourite song here} (No Celine Dion or Mariah Carey please Rock star chic At least... Continue Reading →

Close Your Eyes

In response to the daily prompt Eyes Close you eyes Pretend I'm there Just for a minute Or an hour Maybe a year Maybe it can all fade away The years without ... us Take a moment Remember that time... Continue Reading →

Blame it on the moon

In response to the daily prompt Moon "Really? The moon?" "What?" I shoved my hair out of my face to look into the blue eyes of the man taking up most of my bed. "It's a thing, people do crazy... Continue Reading →

Already gone

In response to the daily prompt Ghost Saturday found me alone at my usual coffee shop. Used to be our coffee shop but not so much lately. Not since that movie night. Adrian sent me a message letting me know... Continue Reading →


I don't want to be responsible anymore Not for his happiness Not for his sadness Not for his delusions How many times do I have to say it? I don't want this I don't want you I'm sorry Why can't... Continue Reading →

Fully loaded coffee

In response to the daily prompt Carry These days my coffee comes with a shot of guilt. That hideous emotion that we all carry in some form, right? For me, it's the guilt of wanting to be happy. I was... Continue Reading →

if I get lost, don’t find me

In response to the daily prompt Carry Sometimes I get carried away looking for the perfect picture to go with my post. Time becomes fluid, the words get lost... Who needs words?

That Movie Night

In response to the daily prompt Confused What the hell was I thinking, coming alone tonight? Yeah this wouldn't be awkward at all! Just me and two couples because everyone else had cancelled. Adrian and his new girlfriend Tammy had... Continue Reading →

Dream Man

Last night not sleeping, listening to Theory of A Deadman... Finally fall asleep then have dreams of doing bad, bad things with/to Tyler. Why did I wake up?

What’s my damage

In response to the daily prompt Complicated I'm not complicated. I have basic needs and wants. I want to be loved. I need to be wanted. The complication is the who. It's not getting old, it was old before it... Continue Reading →

Not Worthy

In response to the daily prompt Reach If I could walk away from everything I could take your hand Let you draw me into your world Listen to your heartbeat Share your glass Lick your lips No need to reach... Continue Reading →

Lazy Mornings (smutty)

Waking up alone is not my favourite thing to do. While I admit to liking the space, I miss the comfort of another warm body against me. More than that, I miss lazy morning sex. You know the kind. Bodies... Continue Reading →


In response to the daily prompt Obsessed I try to save my strongest feelings for inanimate objects. Chocolate I can consume Music I can enjoy I don't want to be obsessed by you I don't like the dark connotations Isn't... Continue Reading →

Here’s my sign

When did I start to hate the weekends? I feel so fake. Most of the time, I can hide at home and believe it's all over but on the weekends we go out. I hate the idea that people will... Continue Reading →


In response to the daily prompt Surface Don't you want to look beneath, stir the water a little? Or maybe go beyond the visual, delve deeper? Would you prefer the pretty pretence of masculine perfection or the reality? That he's... Continue Reading →

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