Waking up alone is not my favourite thing to do. While I admit to liking the space, I miss the comfort of another warm body against me. More than that, I miss lazy morning sex. You know the kind. Bodies are warm and relaxed, hands stroke and explore with intent but no pressure. No rush, rush, rush to get there.

Strong hands, a little rough as they glide over the smooth skin of my stomach. Stroking over my hip, down the outside of my thigh, just teasing as I wake up. I give a little hum of pleasure as I snuggle back into his heat, his chest firm at my back, his cock hard against my behind.

The scrape of his stubbled jaw along my neck makes me sigh and arch, the press of his teeth makes me moan. At the same time, his hand slides inwards, fingers tracing higher up the inside of my leg. He makes a soft noise of enquiry and I answer with the slide of my body, letting his knee slip between mine, opening me for his touch.

All I can hear is my own panting breath as he explores, finding me wet and eager, he slides  a finger inside while his thumb moves higher up, rubbing against my clit.


I think I said it but maybe I just thought it as he continues to tease. His teeth find that sensitive spot between between my neck and shoulder as he fucks me with his hand, his voice whispers in my ear, encouraging me to just let go.

I want him to lose control too though, so I reach back. He’s hot and hard in my hand and I want him inside me, want that thick full feeling. I move, he moves, then we’re there. His cock pressing against my pussy, we pause, savour the anticipation. I groan as he thrusts deep, not stopping until he’s all the way in. Then he takes it all away, such a cock tease. A long slow slide back in has me moaning and nearly begging again.

“I’ve got you baby,” he whispers and slides his hand down, rubs my clit lazily as he gives me long slow slides.

“I know what you need.” He licks my neck as his hips move. I reach behind me, dig my nails into his hip and try to get him to go faster, harder.

He laughs and holds me in place. “Not yet.” A slow slide out then two hard deep thrusts have me gasping for breath. “Not yet,” his fingers play as he teases …. as I pretend I’m not alone …