In response to the daily prompt Complicated

I’m not complicated. I have basic needs and wants.
I want to be loved. I need to be wanted.
The complication is the who.
It’s not getting old, it was old before it began.
Unrequited love. I’m bored with it all and yet …
Here I am, unrequited.

Two weeks ago, double date, dancing and drinking.
My date was gorgeous, he knew how to dance, he was charming, I was charmed.
At the end of the night, Roxie insisted we switch partners so I found myself in Jay’s arms.
It wasn’t the first time we’ve danced together, friend’s weddings, work functions where we’ve been each other’s ‘plus one’. We, well I, tend to stick to the fast numbers. Much safer that way, no slow romantic songs, no temptation to put my head on his shoulder, run my hands into his hair. Something slow came on and I tried to step away but Jay just shook his head and pulled me close and I gave in.

At the end of the dance, after I’d let my fingers stroke the back of his neck, after I’d felt his hands slide along my hips, I followed him back to our table. Roxie was waiting.

“Enjoy your dance?” she’d asked with a friendly smile.

“Sure, he’s a great dancer. I trained him well,” I joked though I felt a little sick inside.

“You did,” Roxie had agreed then taken Jay’s hand and led him back to the dance floor.

So I watched as his hands did more than stroke her hips. As her hands did more than touch his hair. We left then, my date and I.

The next day I got stood up. I sat with my coffee, not really surprised. Jay called eventually and I heard Roxie in the background.

“Sorry babe, hope you didn’t order my coffee,” he apologised. “I slept in,” he added.

“I guess it was a late night,” I sipped my coffee and pretended I didn’t hear the background comment about why he’d slept in.

“Fun though, your date seemed nice,” I head footsteps then a door closing. “Sorry, Roxie is …”

“A morning person?” I offered with a laugh that I hoped didn’t sound forced.

“Something like that,” he sighed. “I’m really sorry babe.”

“Forget it,” I interrupted. Didn’t want to hear why he slept in again. “We’ll catch up soon.”

We did, at movie night.
But that’s another story.