In response to the daily prompt Confused

What the hell was I thinking, coming alone tonight? Yeah this wouldn’t be awkward at all! Just me and two couples because everyone else had cancelled. Adrian and his new girlfriend Tammy had just arrived and poor Tammy looked so confused. It was her first time meeting Roxie and judging by the way her eyes darted around while Ads whispered in her ear, she had thought Jay and I were a couple.

I tried not to think about it and made myself comfortable on one of the couches. Fun fact: Jay has two couches. I had considered grabbing a kitchen chair but the couch I’d chosen was a three seater so there was plenty of room plus, I thought me perched on a chair would be awkward.

Jay and Ads got the movie ready and Roxie organised snacks and drinks while I chatted with Tammy. Things went downhill from there. Instead of Tammy staying where she was when the lights went out so she and Ads would share my couch, she rushed off to the bathroom. Then Ads went and sat on the empty couch which meant I was going to be sharing with Jay and Roxie.

Next step in the clusterfuck, Roxie claims the opposite end of the couch instead of sitting next to me. Then, along comes Jay.

“Comfy babe?” he asks as he sits down beside me, pats my knee and takes the drink from my hand to sip from. He hands it back as he smiles at Roxie and drapes his arm around her shoulder. Meanwhile, I’m ignoring Roxie’s glare and Adrian’s snort of laughter.

The thing is, we’ve watched a lot of movies together, and we usually sit on the couch together just as we are right now. Jay doesn’t even realise he’s done anything to offend Roxie. I risk a glance at Tammy and she’s staring at us not the screen. A look at Roxie and I can see she’s not happy but what can I do?

The movie starts and we all get caught up in it, I curl up in the corner, my feet tucked under me as I sip my drink and eat my snacks. Welcome to the final countdown. About halfway through the movie Jay grabs my feet and pulls them into his lap to rub, nothing unusual about that for us. But for Roxie?

I’m focused on the movie, who can look away from Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool? But Roxie leaping off the couch and Jay following sort of breaks my concentration. Adrian grabs the remote and pauses the movie and we all hear Jay’s exasperated voice.

“It’s only a foot rub Roxie, come back and watch the movie.”

Then Roxie’s voice, “You call her babe, you share her drink, she may as well be your girlfriend Jay!”

“Start the movie,” at the sound of her voice I look over at Tammy who’s trying to grab the remote from Adrian but he’s holding it away the ass.

“She’s my best friend, that’s all,” Jay is doing his best to sweet talk her and judging by the silence that follows it’s working.

“Start the movie Adrian,” Tammy hisses and this time he listens.

I tilt back my drink and finish it off then slip my shoes back on and stand up.

“It was nice to see you again Tammy,” I pause by the couch and she stands up to give me a hug.

“Don’t go,” Adrian whispers when he hugs me.

I can’t talk, I just smile and shake my head then slip out the door. As it closes behind me I hear Roxie asking where I went. I can understand why she got upset, I really can, it’s just hard … it will be hard. Losing a best friend isn’t easy after all.