In response to the daily prompt Ghost

Saturday found me alone at my usual coffee shop. Used to be our coffee shop but not so much lately. Not since that movie night. Adrian sent me a message letting me know he’d told Roxie and Jay that I’d left because I’d gotten a better offer.

Better than them thinking I ran away because my feelings were hurt I guess. I wondered if the awkwardness of what had happened had lingered, like a ghost no one could see but could all feel. Imagine if I’d stayed, shared that couch with Roxie and Jay? I was pissed off that I’d let myself be run off by their fight, but I knew it was the right thing to do.

Plus, watching them kiss and cuddle? No thanks. Instead I’d run, I can admit that to myself. Admit that it hurt being reminded I was just a friend yet again. A friend who didn’t even rate a coffee any more. Three weeks in a row now. I checked for a missed call, a message, a Facebook status update, anything.

Nope, just me and my coffee. I took a sip as I looked around the cafe, took in all the couples and family groups enjoying a Saturday morning coffee. I picked up my drink and stood to leave, my gaze taking in the groups of shoppers outside. Maybe I’d join them, do a little retail therapy.

I stepped outside, paused to slip on my jacket and saw them. Maybe I hadn’t been stood up after all, they were just running late? Or maybe I had been as Roxie led Jay into a clothing shop a few doors down. Unable to resist I sent him a message:

Me: Sorry I couldn’t make it for coffee today, late night, you know how it is 😉 Maybe next week?

I didn’t have to wait long for his response.

Him: I know what you mean ..  but you owe me for standing me up now!

I strolled over to the shop they hadn’t walked out of yet as I tapped out a reply.

Me: Lucky you have Roxie to keep you company isn’t it 😛

I looked in, saw Jay leaning against a wall near the rear of the store, no sign of Roxie so I guessed she was in the dressing room.

I don’t know why I did it. I guess I was mad at him, at myself, at the situation. It wasn’t his fault, I was the only one responsible for my feelings but I wanted him to feel something. Even if it was just guilt that he’d been caught lying to me.

Me: Look at the door

His head snapped up, we stared at each other for a long moment and I lifted my coffee, took a sip. He took a step towards me as Roxie appeared behind him, her back to the store as she looked at herself in the mirror, said something that had him stopping. His head turned, breaking our stare and I walked away.

I ducked into a kitchen wares shop, pretty sure Roxie wouldn’t be interested in looking at pots and pans and swiped ignore when Jay’s name popped up as an incoming call. What was the point of another apology?