In response to the daily prompt Moon

“Really? The moon?”

“What?” I shoved my hair out of my face to look into the blue eyes of the man taking up most of my bed. “It’s a thing, people do crazy things because of the full moon. Everyone knows that.”

“Hmm,” he narrowed his eyes at me. “So I’m a crazy thing?”

“Well,” I very pointedly looked at the wreck of the bed, the clothes in strange places. “Pretty sure this isn’t normal.”

I tried not to smirk but it slipped out a bit and he laughed. As if he needed to be any more sexy!

“Gotta say, I’m sort of relieved,” with a gentle shove he had me on my back as he rested on his elbows over me.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. I don’t want you dragging strange men home to do crazy things with,” he traced my lips with his finger and a pretended to try to bite him.

“Unless it’s you?”

“Well, this should be the very last time,” he ceded. “I’m not strange any more, the crazy we can do again though,” he wiggled his eyebrows and grinned.

No he wasn’t strange, or even a stranger. We had friends in common but I’d always avoided him because he reminded me too much of Jay. Running into him, almost literally, after seeing Jay and Roxie out shopping had seemed like a sign; so when he suggested we have a drink and catch up I’d said yes.

A drink had led to a meal and another drink. The flirting had been out of control, the chemistry out of this world, then he’d walked me home. The friendly kiss he’d brushed on my cheek had stopped us both. Our eyes had met, both knowing a kiss wouldn’t be enough, but he hadn’t made a move, hadn’t pressed the advantage. He also hadn’t protested when I opened the door and led him inside.

“Do we have to wait for the next full moon to do it again?” I slid my hand into his hair to urge him closer.

“Hell no,” his eyes drifted closed as his lips brushed mine softly.