1. He has a cat named Jacob that he loves. That’s great, he’s an animal lover, yay! I’m allergic to cats, boo!
  2. I have no idea how old he is but he looks young. I feel a bit like a dirty old woman when I ahh … admire him. Wait, he likes cats, maybe he likes cougars?
  3. His hair! It’s awesome! How does anyone compete with that?
  4. He appears to be funny and smart. He likely is. Funny – look him up on instagram; the workout video with his cat is hilarious! Smart – he seems to be pretty successful at what he does. How freaking perfect does he want to be!
  5. His tattoos. I just can’t see them all clearly enough, they require closer examination. The not knowing is driving me crazy (can you tell?).

Here’s a couple of photos by the amazing Michael Stokes so you can see what I mean …