In response to the Daily Prompt Learning

So the picture I’ve chosen today is from the instagram account Hot Dudes Reading

I thought he looked kind of scholarly … would he inspire a blog post about around education, learning, teachers? Apparently not. Instead, I’m thinking about the invasion of privacy. Spot a random male reading, snap photo, share to the world. Is that okay? Is there a ‘Hot Chicks Reading’ account? Well sort of … I found a ‘Cute Girls Reading‘ one.

Here are their stats:
Hot Dudes: 232 posts/890k follower
Cute Girls: 42 posts/345 followers

But I digress. Stats are great and interesting but really, is it okay? These people are just going about their lives, doing a normal thing, and suddenly they’re on the internet. Was it always okay to take photos of strangers like this? If it is, why am I only learning about it now? So many missed opportunities!