In response to the Daily Prompt Miniature

“Seriously Rox, miniature golf?” I shook my head at the sight of the entry; the loud music and flashing lights. This was a nightmare.

“Come on Jay, it’ll be fun,” she said enthusiastically and because I was still firmly in the doghouse I followed her into hell.

I’d followed her through various forms of hell by now. Antique markets, produce markets, shops … I’ve lost count of how many. Last weekend I’d even gone to a baby shower with her.

We lined up at the first torture chamber. Roxie placed her ball and assumed the position, wriggling her hips at me. Okay, it wasn’t all bad. She took her shot and I followed, we even had a few laughs though after my third hole in one Roxie glared at me and didn’t give me the reward I’d gotten for the first two.

There was no more hip wiggling, reward kissing good times after that. Just glares and mutters. Maybe I should have missed a few shots but that would only have prolonged the agony. So Roxie did her two or six or eight taps to sink her pretty pink ball, then I did my one or two and we got through a lot quicker.

“Jay this is meant to be fun,” she snapped at me on the second last green, tossing her mane of dark hair over her shoulder.

Did I mention she coloured her hair? The vibrant red strands were inky black now. Lucky me, she’d surprised me with the transformation. One of those good surprises where you wake up with a smile. Only thing was, I’d looked down and seen dark strands trailing across my stomach and said the name of another woman with dark hair.

“So I was thinking we’d go to this festival.”

I looked up from my last shot to see Roxie smiling at me.

“A festival? Sounds like fun.” Maybe I was out of the doghouse at last?

“Yeah it has psychics, tarot readers, crystals, group meditation and lots more,” she said enthusiastically.

Or maybe not.