In response to the Daily Prompt Obvious

It was an insidious seduction right from the start. I was taken in by the romance of it all, enjoyed being cherished and protected. But it changed. My friends were the first casualty in the war. Little digs, subtle disapproval until, in a bid to please him, I just let them go.

It was quite easy in the end as he moved me away from them. To be closer to his family, he said. The family that we barely saw. We lived out of town with limited public transport and only one car so it was hard, but I tried to make new friends in his town. This one smokes, that one is too needy, were his excuses. What he meant was, ‘you are mine and mine alone’. The constant, almost daily, contact with my family  dwindled to a weekly call. ‘We’re too busy,’ was his excuse.

I followed along, I told my family we’d ‘talk soon’ and we never did. They wanted to pay for me to fly home to visit, he couldn’t get time away from work, and I just couldn’t go without him. Or so he told me.

Wasn’t it obvious that he was isolating me? Apparently I was oblivious.

This is love, I thought.
No, it was obsession.

He wants me all to himself, he’s so protective.
No, he was controlling.

I have to accept my share of the blame. I let him. Because it was easier, I didn’t want to make a fuss. I learned early on that he didn’t argue, he was just right. All the time.

The day came when I changed. That’s what he told me, ‘you’ve changed’. No, I just remembered who I was. His approval had ceased to matter. It was unattainable anyway. His lack of interest had ceased to hurt. I relished being alone, not being spoken to for eight hours at a time was a blessing.

I had woken up.
I was no longer oblivious.