“Come on Jay!” Adrian banged on the bathroom door.

“Fuck off,” I called back. “Next time give me some warning and you wont have to sit around waiting for me to shave.”

The door opened to reveal him holding a bag of chips. “You would have just said no, like you have every other time we’ve tried to get you to come out the last few weeks. I’m here to drag you kicking and screaming if I have to.”

“I wont scream but if you like I can kick your ass,” I muttered as I finished scraping my face.

“You can try,” Adrian scoffed with a grin. He might have a point, he did some sort of martial arts stuff while I stuck with boxing.

“Maybe after I’ve had a drink or ten,” I offer as I push past him to go find a clean shirt to wear.

My place is a pit right now, has been since I ended things with Roxie. I could admit to myself that I wasn’t holding together real well, I was all messed up in my head. My friends figured I was heartbroken over Roxie and I let them think that, it had bought me time to brood and dwell and generally work on my self-hatred.

I was a prick, an idiot, an asshat, but worst of all, I was a cheat. I didn’t know who I had cheated on though? Roxie because I was in a relationship with her while I was in love with Dee? Or Dee because I was in love with her while in a relationship with Roxie?

Then, just when I’d become so awesomely self-aware, Dee turns up with a boyfriend. Cue the real reason for me avoiding my friends for the last few weeks. Dee and Mark, Mark and Dee.

“Let’s go Jay, you wont be prettier than me no matter what you wear!” Thank you Adrian for interrupting that happy trip.

“So who is going to be there tonight?” I keep my head down working on my buttons as I head out to where he’s waiting.

“Just the usual crowd, me and Tammy, Mark and Dee …”

I didn’t really hear who else he said, just those three little words. Mark and Dee.