Contains a graphic sex scene between consenting adults

In response to the daily prompt Vice

“Baby that feels so good,” he groaned as I licked up the side of his cock then sucked the head. I opened my mouth and took him as deep as I could. “Ah fuck,” he whispered, his fingers slid into my hair, holding me in place as he pushed a little bit deeper making me moan. He let go and I pulled back then relaxed my mouth, inviting him to fuck it.  Instead he tugged on my hair, my eyes lifted to his in question. “You know I love you?”

“Of course.” I smiled up at him as he looked at me intently.

“I got you something,” his voice rough, his hand cupped my cheek, turning my face to the doorway.

If I hadn’t been on my knees already, I would have collapsed. “Are you … really?” I looked at my lover in awed surprise.

His jaw was set, his eyes narrowed. “Just this once. I know it’s a fantasy you have and I want you to be happy so I’m willing to do it. This one time,” he warned.

My eyes went back to the other man, the one my lover was willing to share me with, my lips tilted in a shy smile.

“So?” He took a step into the room and leaned against the door jamb, t-shirt stretched over his shoulders, jeans moulded to his legs.

“This is … ” I had no words. I stood and used actions instead, brushing my lips against my lover’s softly, teasingly, until he groaned and grabbed me. His hands in my hair holding me for the thrust of his tongue.

“Baby,” his lips brushed my ear then he pushed his face into my neck holding me tightly. His breath on my neck made me shiver, his low growl made me groan then he pressed his teeth into my flesh and sucked and I grabbed his hair to hold him closer.

“Don’t stop,” I gasped, tilting my head back for him. He dragged his open mouth up my throat, rubbed his stubbled jaw along mine and I collapsed against him.

“You’re so easy,” he said with a low laugh. “How wet are you baby?” he growled.

“Very,” was all I could say as he sucked my ear lobe. I moved my hands to his shoulders to hold on tightly as his skimmed down my back.

“How many fingers will you take?” His hands reached the hem of my dress, slipped underneath. I should be embarrassed by how ready I was for him but all I could feel was pleasure.

His fingers were a little rough on my thighs as he traced a slow path to where I needed them. “Please,” I begged, widening my stance to give him better access.

Then he was there, his fingers sliding against me then into me and I groaned and pushed into his hand.

“Two,” he rasped, one hand gripping my hip as he finger fucked me with the other. I watched his face, my head tilted back, my eyes slitted. His teeth sunk into his lower lip as his head turned and mine followed slowly. I’d almost forgotten we weren’t alone.

“Oh,” I gasped as the hand between my legs moved, my lover’s thumb rubbing slow circles against my clitoris.

“What do you think baby? Do you want our friend over their to fuck your sweet little pussy?” His voice rasped against my ear.

I rocked into his hand as I considered the question. My eyes were locked with the other man’s for a moment then his gaze dropped down my body.

“Fuck,” my lover swore. “You just squeezed the ever-loving fuck out of my fingers baby. Is that a yes?”

Those eyes lifted back to mine, he licked his lips but didn’t move otherwise. God he was gorgeous, the thought that I could have these two men touching me, kissing me, fucking me, at the same time …  my fingers dug in as my hips moved convulsively and I groaned.

“Baby you’re killing me,” he rasped.

“Fuck! Me too,” our friend agreed hoarsely.

“I want .. ” I pressed my hand over my lover’s, he had to stop so I could think. “I want him to watch while you fuck me,” I said, my voice thick with arousal.

“I’m good with that,” the low growl came quickly.

“Are you sure baby? Whatever you want.” His hand squeezed my hip.

“In my fantasy.” I kept my gaze on our friend as I reached down, wrapped my fingers around my lover’s cock. “You’re sitting on the couch, I’m astride you, my back to your chest, my dress around my waist, your cock deep inside me.” He jerked in my hand and pressed him thumb firmly against my clit.

“Then what?” He prompted.

I groaned and clamped my legs on his hand. “The door opens, he comes in.” Our friend takes a step closer to us. “Watches us, then kneels in front of me.”

My lover groaned as I melted in his hand, his teeth sank into my neck with a growl of lust.

“What next?” Our friend prompted, his voice rough.

“You lick me while he fucks me,” I admitted my fantasy.

“I’m good with that.”

My lover didn’t speak, just lifted me and took the few steps needed to get to the couch. He paused long enough to kick free of the jeans I’d only taken the time to open before I had to have him in my mouth, then he sat down, held out a hand to me.

I positioned myself above him while he held his cock steady as I began to sink down. He’s so thick and hot inside me, so deep.

“Fuck but that’s a pretty sight,” the deep growl drew my attention back to our friend. Just like in my fantasy, he’s on his knees. “You look stretched tight sugar, is his cock too big for you?” He reached out, almost touching me and I groaned, my pussy clamping down hard.

“Shit! Touch her,” my lover urged hoarsely, his hands hard on my hips. “She’s strangling my cock. Fuuuck,” he groaned as I clenched again at his words.

“So pretty,” our friend murmured as he touched me, his index finger to my clit making me cry out.

“I don’t think I can take it,” I panted.

“Let’s find out,” he moved closer …