a little bit smutty


September 2016


Look through me Not at me Don't want you To see The truth of The whole of The real heart Of me The pieces All broken All shattered Undone My soul waits My heart aches It wants only One in... Continue Reading →

another time

I didn’t go shopping this week. He meant it as a punishment but for me, it was a reprieve. I wasn’t ready to see Tyler again. I wasn’t ready to not see him either. His email remained unreturned still. I... Continue Reading →

ever waiting redux

he said ... some things are best left unfinished I will never be complete without you

ever waiting

she said will I ever be unfinished waiting for your completion

pretend redux (smutty)

"Come on Jay, you can pretend I'm her." "No. Roxie stop!" I shoved her hands away and started to re-button my shirt as Roxie pouted then retreated to the couch. "So I guess you don't want to hear about the... Continue Reading →


Feeling lazy so updated an old post for the daily prompt 'pretend' ... more new content soon ... Lazy Mornings (smutty)

coffee no cake redux

Running late as usual! With Mark in my bed, getting anywhere on time was a challenge. Especially on a Saturday when we usually had nowhere to be. I wouldn’t crawl out of bed for just anyone, but this was Jay.... Continue Reading →

coffee no cake

For a change I was the one waiting with coffee. It had been too long since we'd sat down and caught up, just the two of us. I was looking forward to it. "Babe!" I stood up and pulled Dee... Continue Reading →

Too what?

"You were always generous." His voice is a caress, a treasure I hold in my heart. "Too generous?" In tonight's dream I'm looking at some old photos, remembering good times with good friends. "No such thing is there?" He says... Continue Reading →

one more time redux

So today was the day I lost my mind. How else did I explain seeing my green eyed stranger, Tyler, everywhere? Yes, he was constantly in my thoughts, his unanswered email driving me to distraction. So maybe that was why... Continue Reading →

one more time

I want to dance with you Under the stars Barefoot in the grass You in your jeans and stylish grin Me in that dress you like Touch me, you'll whisper As our fingers entwine Kiss me, I'll say As your... Continue Reading →


We sat in silence as was our norm. Even before .. everything. He was watching one of the forensic science shows he favoured while I did my usual on the computer. Checking facebook, a couple of games, reading blogs, checking... Continue Reading →

go somewhere

Don't make me hike through the thorny brambles of your bitter rhetoric Don't want to hear the twisted tales from your forked tongue How about some honesty, clarity Maybe some hilarity Oh wait, no jokes aloud allowed Let's speak of... Continue Reading →

Well Deserved Redux

I woke up in the land of 'what was I thinking'. Not 'what have I done'. I knew exactly what I'd done. Slept with my ex. My night of a few drinks after work and an anonymous hook-up had taken... Continue Reading →

Well Deserved

Hands grasping Teeth clashing Bodies sliding Fingers gliding Passionate touch Never enough Tell me you want me I want you Tell me you miss me I miss you Kiss me like it's the last time It is the last time... Continue Reading →

Q and A Tag with bloggers

Thank you Sheryl at I wrote a book. Now What? for tagging me in the Q and A! It's a great day for a bit of fun so to those I tag I hope you join in so we can... Continue Reading →

never together redux

Jay tangled his hands in the dark hair of the woman licking down his chest to his stomach. Her hand was tight around his cock and he gently urged her lower, wanting her mouth on him. Her tongue flicked out,... Continue Reading →

never together

Composing an email had never been so difficult ... Dear Tyler, I'm sorry I couldn't talk Thank you for the note. I appreciate the explanation but it really wasn't necessary. What we did What happened was a mistake. I am... Continue Reading →

Shopping Day 3

Have you ever had one of those weeks? One where you are always wrong or in the wrong or just can't do the right thing? Punctuated with a two minute tirade over a box of teabags and a forty minute... Continue Reading →

heart broken

put your hand here can you feel it? my fragile heart metaphorically realistically? it's strong pumping my blood fuelling my fire actually it's broken shattered do you like jigsaws?

Doing it tough

Having a tough week but slogging through. This song is speaking to me is so many ways right now, enjoy!

Why me?

I am genuinely perplexed by this blogging thing, particularly by the concept of being 'followed'. It amazes me that anyone would be that interested in what I write. I say this not in an attempt to garner attention and praise,... Continue Reading →

Radical dreamer

"Here's a radical idea baby. Fuck off that asshole husband of yours and come find me." Fuck my dreams! "You deserve so much more than what he gives you." I shake my head, don't look at him. "Look at what... Continue Reading →

Can you feel it redux

Just for you baby I'm all about the yes and the more and the harder and the please You like it when I beg I like it when you bite Suck Bite Suck Feel the rhythm Taste my pulse Faster... Continue Reading →

Can you feel it?

Take a moment and think back ... To the last time you felt that elusive zing! Did you catch your breath? Did you lick your lips? Did you wonder? How would he taste? How would he feel? Did you imagine?... Continue Reading →

2am man love

Sometime after midnight, the house is quiet, everyone asleep but me. I'm feeling unsettled, it's been a tense week, so I decide a little play before bed might help me relax and sleep. I open my Kindle, not sure what... Continue Reading →

Shopping Day Prelude

I remember very clearly the first time I saw those eyes. It was the Saturday before Mother's Day so the shops were more crowded than usual. Dad's with kids, all looking uncomfortable and unsure. Us? We were doing the usual... Continue Reading →

Recharge redux

Sometimes I think there's something wrong with me, a kink in my wiring, a snag in my circuit board. I don't need to recharge, I need a refit or a replacement. A good rewiring. In my head, it's over and... Continue Reading →

Shopping Day 2

I woke up to the dulcet tones of an argument in progress. The children didn't want to go grocery shopping, their father was insisting we go as a family. Must keep up appearances after all. I went to the bathroom,... Continue Reading →

Guilt on rye

I've never really liked rye bread. I don't much like the taste of guilt either so it's a good combination for this sandwich. I've developed a taste for it over the last week though, seasoned as it is with the... Continue Reading →

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