a little bit smutty


September 2016


Look through me Not at me Don't want you To see The truth of The whole of The real heart Of me The pieces All broken All shattered Undone My soul waits My heart aches It wants only One in... Continue Reading →

another time

I didn’t go shopping this week. He meant it as a punishment but for me, it was a reprieve. I wasn’t ready to see Tyler again. I wasn’t ready to not see him either. His email remained unreturned still. I... Continue Reading →

ever waiting redux

he said ... some things are best left unfinished I will never be complete without you

ever waiting

she said will I ever be unfinished waiting for your completion

pretend redux (smutty)

"Come on Jay, you can pretend I'm her." "No. Roxie stop!" I shoved her hands away and started to re-button my shirt as Roxie pouted then retreated to the couch. "So I guess you don't want to hear about the... Continue Reading →


Feeling lazy so updated an old post for the daily prompt 'pretend' ... more new content soon ... Lazy Mornings (smutty)

coffee no cake redux

Running late as usual! With Mark in my bed, getting anywhere on time was a challenge. Especially on a Saturday when we usually had nowhere to be. I wouldn’t crawl out of bed for just anyone, but this was Jay.... Continue Reading →

coffee no cake

For a change I was the one waiting with coffee. It had been too long since we'd sat down and caught up, just the two of us. I was looking forward to it. "Babe!" I stood up and pulled Dee... Continue Reading →

Too what?

"You were always generous." His voice is a caress, a treasure I hold in my heart. "Too generous?" In tonight's dream I'm looking at some old photos, remembering good times with good friends. "No such thing is there?" He says... Continue Reading →

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