I’m standing at your door
I can hear the music already
That low throbbing bass
That hypnotic melody

My blood throbs through my veins
Feeling thick and luscious
Just like I’ll feel inside
When I fuck you

I want to knock
Want you to open the door
Look at me with lust
Grab me with greedy hands

I want you to rush me inside
I want your hands on my skin
Your mouth under mine
My hands in your hair

When the door opens
I’ll smile at you
I’ll smile at him


“Jay, you made it!” you smile, lean in for a hug.

“Of course.” I hand you a bottle of wine and we go in.

“Jay’s here!” You call out unnecessarily since everyone’s already looking at us.

I get a chorus of hellos from some familiar faces, curious looks from some not so familiar.

We stop just inside and I try not to stare at your red dress. I open my mouth to tell you how gorgeous you look when there’s a knock on the door.

“Go mingle,” you tell me with a smile and spin away to greet your next guests.

I make my way to the table of drinks, help myself to a beer, watch as Mark slides his arm around your waist, the perfect couple.