Three in the morning, a quiet whisper, “Walk with me.”

I must be dreaming. I turn my head, he smiles.


“Walk with me,” he whispers again.

He slides out of bed, all lean muscles and flowing ink, pulls on his jeans.

“It’s the middle of the night,” I whisper even as I follow him. I think I’d follow him anywhere.

“There’s an eclipse, I want to look at it with you.”

Well that’s romantic I guess. I get dressed, the drawer closes with a quiet bang.

“Sshh.” He presses a finger to his lips. “Don’t want to wake anyone.”

I nod in agreement, not bothering to look at the sleeping form we were leaving behind.

We go out the front door which doesn’t squeak for once. Definitely a dream. He takes my hand and leads me along the footpath.

“I love the quiet of the night,” he says, his soft deep voice a velvet caress.

“It is very peaceful,” I agree.

“Mmm.” He drops my hand to slide his arm around my waist instead. “The best part is I get you all to myself.”

“I thought the best part was wondering why the lights are on in that house.” I stop and he pulls me against him, my back to his chest as we looked at the brightly lit windows.

“Shift worker?”


We hear the strident demand of a baby crying and move on.

“Where are you taking me?” I wonder aloud.

“Don’t you see it?”

I look up and there it is, a park.

“Slide first,” I call as I take off running.

I climb to the top and look down to see him waiting at the bottom to catch me.

Next, the swings. We glide together, looking up at the moon, waiting for the moment.

“Why are you here?”

He looks over at me with a smile. “It’s your birthday, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

It is? I frown as my swing slows, then he’s standing before me tugging me into his arms.

“I would never forget, not just the date, the time,” he whispers against my lips. “It’s officially your birthday.”

“How can you – ” He kisses my question away. I fist my hands in his hair, wanting the moment to last forever.

“Never forget,” he whispers as he wraps me in his arms.

I woke with tears on my face, the wrong voice asking: “Are you okay?”

I never would be.