I saw him as we cleared the top of the escalator. Wide shoulders stretching his drab olive tshirt tight across his chest, blue jeans and scuffed runners. I couldn’t see his eyes from this distance but I knew they were green from the last time we eye fucked. I saw the moment he spotted me; he stood up straight and took a step then stopped, a scowl appearing on his face.

Ahead of me, he turned back to ask “Groceries first?”

“Sure,” I agreed, keeping up the ‘we’re ok’ pretence for our family. “I’ll catch up, I need to go to the ladies,” I lied without remorse. He’d fucked all of the love and guilt out of me, the night I’d said no and he kept going.

“Okay. Don’t be long,” he warned as I turned away.

My eyes feasted as I walked towards him, timed it so I met his eyes as I walked by. My heart pounded in my chest as I kept walking, wondering if it was his footsteps behind me.

The corridor to the public toilets was just ahead, I looked back as I reached it, swallowed a gasp at finding him right behind me.

With a soft, “Excuse me.” He brushed by me and went down the corridor first. My steps hesitant, I followed him, not totally surprised it was empty this early in the morning. He stopped part way down and looked back at me for a long hot moment, then opened the door he had stopped at.

I knew it wasn’t the toilets as they were on the other side of the corridor. Looking around to make sure I was still alone I hurried down to the door. It was simply labelled ‘Maintenance’. I tried the handle and of course it opened so I slipped through.

The door closed with a quiet snick then I felt the heat of his body close to mine in the dark room. His hands settled on my shoulders, pushed me back against the door and I let my head fall back.

“I was hoping you’d follow me,” he said, his voice a deep husky rasp.

“I shouldn’t have,” I whispered as I lifted my hands to press against his chest. God it was hard, my fingers curled, nails biting and he gave a little groan.

“Why did you?” One of his hands moved, cupping the side of my neck, squeezing gently and it was my turn to groan.

“I had to,” I said simply. I couldn’t explain that want, need for this man had eclipsed everything, common sense, guilt, none of it mattered.

“For this?” His mouth touched my throat and I nodded mutely. “And this?” He kissed me, his lips brushing mine teasingly until with a moan I bit his lip then soothed it with my tongue. Then his tongue was in my mouth, rubbing against mine, the kiss hot and wet, making me hotter and wetter.

It just about killed me but I broke the kiss to murmur, “I don’t have much time.”

I knew what I wanted. I grappled with the button on his jeans as he gathered up handfuls of my skirt until he could touch bare skin.

“Holy fuck,” he breathed against my neck as he found me naked underneath, hot and wet for the fingers he slid through the folds of my pussy. “I wont ask if you’re sure,” he muttered as I got his jeans open and wrapped my fingers around his hard cock.

“Condom.” I let go of him to reach into the V neck of my tshirt for the packet I’d stored there earlier then ripped it open and handed it over to him. While he rolled it on I pushed my skirt down and kicked it to the side then he was back. He lifted my left leg up and out, pressing my knee against the door then he bent a little and I felt the press of his cock against me.

“Hold on,” he whispered and I reached for his shoulders as he shoved his hips forward, his cock going deep. “Fuck you’re tight,” he sounded surprised as he eased back then pushed forward again, going deeper this time.

“It’s been a while,” I admitted as my pussy clenched on his cock. He was big and hard and it hurt a little but I loved it. He pulled back then thrust deep again and I felt myself creaming all over him.

“Fuck,” he swore as he gave me another deep thrust. “Your pussy is strangling my cock.”

“I know,” I gasped, bracing myself as he pulled back then slammed home again. I convulsed around him, so close to coming now. “More,” I begged.”

“Come here.” He reached down and lifted my other leg, urged me to wrap them around his waist. I groaned as he settled against me, the base of his cock rubbing my clit. “If we had more time,” he growled as he started to fuck me with hard short strokes of his beautiful cock. “I’d pull out right now.” He thrust deep then ground against me. “So I could eat you out.”

“Oh god,” I gasped as my head dropped back against the door with a dull thud.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you,” he said choppily as he fuck, fuck, fucked me. “I’d fuck you with my fingers while I sucked your clit.” His words broke off on a growl as I groaned, the combination of his words and his cock pounding inside me sending me over the edge.

“That’s it baby,” he growled. “Let me feel you come. Ah fuck your pussy is squeezing me so tight.”

I tried not to groan too loudly aware of where we were. I knew my nails were digging into his shoulders, my legs tight around him as I shuddered through my orgasm. “That was …” I panted then shook my head. I had no words.

“I know.” His body kept me pinned to the door as he cupped my face and kissed me again. He was so good at it, and still hot and hard inside of me. I gave him a squeeze, extra glad for all the pelvic floor exercises I had done over the years.

“Mmm, that’s nice baby,” he praised me and pushed his hips against me, his cock pulsing inside me. “I know you don’t have much time so I’ll be quick,” he promised.

Before I could ask what he meant he had his hands under my butt, holding me to him as he turned to lean against the door. He shifted his grip to my hips and lifted me up, his cock dragging along the sensitive walls of my cunt and I groaned. The he lifted his hips as he pulled me back down, slamming into me. I gasped and felt myself coming again. I vaguely heard him swear as he slid me up and down rapidly.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he groaned as he pulled me down one last time and I felt his cock swell inside me, knew he was filling the condom to bursting. “Fuck,” he gasped one last time, his fingers flexing on my hips for a moment before he lifted me away from him, set me on my feet.

My knees were weak but I managed to bend down and find my skirt, pulled it on while he dealt with the condom and did up his jeans.

“I know I should care about this,” he said as he grabbed my hand, ran his thumb over my wedding ring. “But I don’t.”

“I’m sorry,” I whispered, there wasn’t time to explain for what.

“I don’t care,” he said then he kissed me hard and quick. He cracked open the door and peered out. “Same time next week.” It wasn’t a question as he opened the door and I slipped out.

I went into the lady’s toilet and stared at myself in the mirror. I was a little flushed but that would disappear in a minute of two. My hair was a little bit messy but I fixed that with my fingers. There. No sign I’d just fucked a stranger. I couldn’t wait until next week.