He sat at the bar, a glass of amber liquid before him. Swirl, sip, repeat. Blue eyes swept the room, bypassed the blonde with the ‘come get me’ eyes, fixated on a dark-haired beauty instead. Her eyes held an invitation that he gladly accepted. He finished his drink then carefully stood and crossed to her table.

“Buy me a drink,” he invited.

An eyebrow lifted, her gaze travelled slowly down his body. He oh so casually lifted a hand to scratch his stomach, giving her a flash of hard flesh as his t-shirt bunched up above his wrist.

She licked her lips and asked, “What are you having?”

He thought about it for a moment. “Whiskey?”

“Have a seat.” The woman stood and he took her chair, smiled at the other woman at the table, then he watched the dark-haired one walk away, hips swaying seductively as she crossed the room.

It wasn’t his usual hang out, he hadn’t wanted to run into anyone he knew. This place was all dark wood and leather, women in elegant dresses, men in suits. He didn’t fit in his jeans and t-shirt, he didn’t care. He wasn’t here to make friends.

“What’s your name?” The redheaded woman at the table asked, leaning forward to give him a show.

“Do we need names baby?” Jay wondered, his eyes on her cleavage.

“How else will I know what to scream?” She purred, reaching over the table to trace her finger up his forearm.

The dark-haired woman returned with his drink and pulled the third chair closer before she sat down.

“Thanks baby.” Jay lifted his glass to them and tilted his head back to take a sip. He went still as he felt the scrape of nails up his throat, shifted his eyes to find the Dee stand in close enough to kiss.

He set the glass down carefully then lifted his hands to cup her face. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this,” he whispered. He brushed her lips with his, sucked her bottom lip into his mouth. “Fuck,” he breathed as he pulled back, rested his forehead against hers, his eyes closed.

“Mmm,” she moaned and tilted her head. Her mouth slanted over his and her tongue rubbed aggressively against his.

Jay let her have her way, relaxed as the alcohol buzzed through his blood. Dee, he thought but … she tasted wrong, Dee never drank beer. He fisted a hand in her hair but it was too short. He pulled back, stared at eyes the wrong colour, lips the wrong shape.

“What’s your name?” Her hands stroked over his chest and he realised he had his on the bare flesh of her leg.

“Jay,” he said as he watched his hand slide up to brush the hem of her short skirt.

“Mine’s – ”

“I’m not here to exchange names and life stories.” Jay cut her off, his voice hard. “I just want a good hard fuck.” He lifted his eyes to her face, saw the calculation and lust in hers.

“What about my friend?” She tilted her head towards the redhead. “Are you going to fuck her too?”

Jay grabbed her hand and pressed it to his erection. “I can if you want me to.”

“Oh.” Her fingers squeezed and she bit her lip. “I think I want you all to myself,” she said after another squeeze.

“Do you live close by?” Jay stood and picked up his drink as she nodded her head. “I’ll be outside in five minutes.” The glass thumped on the table. “If you’re not there I’ll find someone else.”

He made his way to the toilets, took care of business, stopped to wash his hands. Blood shot eyes stared back as he splashed water on his face, sobering up just a little so the room didn’t sway quite so much as he made his way outside.

“I got a cab.” She was waiting with the door open so he slid in, let her crawl in after him.

No time to think, no need. He pulled her astride his lap, shoved his hands into her hair and his tongue into her mouth. She groaned as he cupped her breasts and squeezed them firmly, his hips lifting to rub his cock against her mound. Her hands went under his t-shirt, nails scratching up his chest then she dragged her mouth away to lean back panting.

He looked down her body, her skirt shoved up to show red lace pressed against the denim of his jeans.

“Nice,” he murmured as he moved one hand down, stroked the lace covered mound. “I wonder … ” His finger found the edge of the lace, dipped under to find hot wet flesh, the firm bud of her clitoris. “If you’ll let me push these aside and fuck you right here?” He kept his finger pressed to her clit, denied her the friction she wanted.

“Right here?” She moved her hips, rocking into his hand, groaned as he stayed with her, his finger a firm pressure.

“Right here,” Jay confirmed. He closed his eyes as he moved his finger, sliding lower to tease her. “My cock in your pussy.” His finger slid in and she groaned. “You’re ready for me baby, so hot and wet.” He gave her a second finger and she groaned, her nails biting into his chest. “Right now,” he growled as her pussy clenched on his fingers.

“We’re here,” the driver interrupted.

“Just a minute,” Jay snapped. His free hand grabbed her hip and held her in place as his fingers moved inside her looking for that sweet spot. His palm rubbed her clit as his fingers worked her hard and fast.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned. Jay felt her knees tighten against his hips, her legs shook. and her head dropped to his shoulder. Her pussy clamped down hard on his fingers as moisture flooded his hand and he slowed his movements then pulled his fingers out of her.

“In or out,” the driver turned to glare at them.

With a smirk the woman slid from Jay’s lap to the seat then over to open the door. She stepped out and smoothed her skirt in place, waited expectantly.

Jay stared at her with her too short hair and too short skirt and knew he couldn’t do it.

“Well?” She arched a brow in question.

Jay shook his head, wiped his hand on his t-shirt. “Thanks, but maybe another time.”

He pulled the door shut and the car pulled away. Jay gave his address then closed his eyes and didn’t look back, didn’t see her tossing her head and walking away Didn’t care.