Sometime after midnight, the house is quiet, everyone asleep but me. I’m feeling unsettled, it’s been a tense week, so I decide a little play before bed might help me relax and sleep. I open my Kindle, not sure what I feel like, something rough, something a little … taboo. Frustrated, I shut it down, I’m not in the mood for reading anyway, it’s just easier because it’s quiet.

I mute the sound on my laptop and open a browser … now I’m stumped again, not sure what I want to see. What a liar I am. I know exactly what I want to watch. It doesn’t take long before my screen is filled with two beautiful bodies, I wish I had sound, want to hear their moans. Want to hear them talk about fucking each other with their big hard dicks.

I’m pretty sure I’d like to be in that room with them. There’s a spare cock after all, I could totally ride that. Add that to my fantasy list, being fucked while my lover is being fucked, then both of them fucking me. Or I could just watch them fuck each other while I played with myself. Sort of like I did while watching until … I better get to bed, it’s 2am.