“Here’s a radical idea baby. Fuck off that asshole husband of yours and come find me.”

Fuck my dreams!

“You deserve so much more than what he gives you.”

I shake my head, don’t look at him.

“Look at what he’s reduced you to.”

The block of chocolate I’m annihilating because yes, I eat my emotions at times.

“Baby -”

“Stop it!” I yell and suddenly I’m in his arms, my fingers tangled in his hair as I hold on tight. “You say ‘find me’ like it would be so easy,” I whisper.

“Maybe it would be,” he whispers back.

“Don’t you think I’ve looked?” I lean away to look into his eyes, the beautiful eyes I’ve tried to alternatively forget or replace.

“I wish I’d never left.”

“I wish I’d made you stay.”

“You could have followed me,” he accuses and tugs my head back to bite my throat.

“You could have come back,” I counter.

“I don’t want to fight any more,” he whispers as his mouth drags up my arched throat.

I don’t either. So I tell him; “I dreamed about you last night.”

“Baby,” he says with a rough laugh against my throat.

“Yeah yeah, I know this is a dream.” I pause to cup his jaw, turn his face to mine, just enjoy looking at him again.

“Okay.” He nods and licks his lips. Tease. “So this other dream then?”

“It was that time we were at that party.”

“Oh yeah.” He smirks because he knows exactly which party. When we were together we didn’t go out much, too caught up in each other. “You were a naughty girl,” he growls and bites my throat gently. “Remember … ”