I am genuinely perplexed by this blogging thing, particularly by the concept of being ‘followed’. It amazes me that anyone would be that interested in what I write. I say this not in an attempt to garner attention and praise, more as an attempt to show you a sliver of my soul.

I know this … lack of belief in myself is the result of years of having my ideas/thoughts/feelings ignored or dismissed. So having my ideas/thoughts/feelings appreciated and valued by anyone … it’s a pretty fucking amazing thing.

The idea that you read and enjoy my writing … be it a piece of fiction, an over emotional rant, a dream I had, a letter I never sent … inspires me to keep writing, keep sharing, keep trying. Where for years I’ve felt alone and isolated, I suddenly am not alone. I feel like I have value again, even if it’s just providing a few brief moments of entertainment on a screen.

In case I haven’t been clear, this is a thank you to those who read, those who like, those who follow. What started as a blog to vent a little and escape my reality a lot, is now a blog where I feel like I have meaning and worth. Thanks again and I promise to write something a little bit smutty for you all next time.