Jay tangled his hands in the dark hair of the woman licking down his chest to his stomach. Her hand was tight around his cock and he gently urged her lower, wanting her mouth on him. Her tongue flicked out, teasing him with a lick before she sucked the head into her hot mouth.

“That feels so good baby,” he moaned.

“Mmm,” she agreed as she sucked his cock, her head bobbing in a slow rhythm.

“Ah fuck,” Jay sighed and his head dropped back against the wall as she took him deep. “So good,” he breathed and started to pump his hips.

She let him fuck her mouth for a few strokes then pulled away, her hand taking the place of her mouth, squeezing and stroking.

“Say my name Jay,” she demanded.

He opened his eyes and looked down at the woman on her knees before him.

“Roxie,” he said, his voice slurred.

“That’s right.” She rewarded him with a lick and a suck then looked up at him. “It’s Roxie sucking your dick Jay. Say it.”

“Roxie,” he repeated obediently.

“Not Dee,” she said with a glare. “Never Dee. Say it Jay.”

“Never. Dee,” he agreed.with a smirk and Roxie smiled up at him happily, her hand sliding up and down absently. “Suck my cock baby, make me come,” he ordered, his hands rough in her hair.

“Never Dee.” Roxie let him pull her head back. “You two will never be together,” she whispered then she opened her mouth and made him come.