We sat in silence as was our norm. Even before .. everything. He was watching one of the forensic science shows he favoured while I did my usual on the computer. Checking facebook, a couple of games, reading blogs, checking emails. My gasp of surprise got me an annoyed look and a short tempered, “What?”

“Oh nothing,” I said with an apologetic smile. “An author I like has a new book out soon.”

No response except his attention returning to the television. My hand only shook a little as I clicked on the email I hadn’t expected to ever receive. I had thought the one I had sent had been clear, had ended things. Thoughts of my green eyed stranger were constant, at random times I would remember how he touched me, how he tasted when he kissed me. I tried not to think his name as it made him too real.

In my mind, he would be the story I told when I was old and wizened. Sitting in the sun with my friends, one would recall the time she had sex in the back seat of a taxi. The other, slightly more conservative, would tell us how she and her newly minted husband had a quickie in the cloak room during their reception. Then I would tell them of the green eyed stranger in the shopping centre and they would be shocked.

I would be so blasé, “I didn’t even know his name.” We would giggle and blush, recalling our youthful, or not so youthful, indiscretions. I read his email, didn’t know how to respond.

I can’t agree with you at all. What happened between us was NOT a mistake. I said at the time I didn’t care about your marriage and I meant it. Your husband sounds like a bastard and hate to tell you but I don’t think you two are fooling anyone, especially your kids.

Shit, sorry! I know it’s really not my business except … I can’t stop thinking about you, about us. The way you responded to me, the way you turned me on so fast and so hard … that doesn’t happen often baby, it’s not something I want to walk away from.

Please, can we find a way? I need to see you again, to talk. Give us a chance.