“You were always generous.”

His voice is a caress, a treasure I hold in my heart.

“Too generous?”

In tonight’s dream I’m looking at some old photos, remembering good times with good friends.

“No such thing is there?” He says lightly, his chin resting on my shoulder, his jaw brushing mine.

“Hmmm.” I am non-committal, would shrug but don’t want him to move. “I don’t think I was with you,” I admit.

“Too generous?”

“Generous at all.”

“We were young,” he says with a sigh and in that way of dreams I’m suddenly not sitting down, I’m in his arms, my head resting over his heartbeat.

“I bought dinner that night.” I refer to the photo.

“You did. And many other times,” he says, wrapping me in his arms.

We sway for a minute, to a song only we can hear.

“Why didn’t you ever ask me?” I whisper.

“For money?” He leans back to look down at me in surprise.

“Well not just money, for a flight, or to visit?”

“You know me baby.” His grin is sad. “Too fucking proud.for my own good.”

“Hmmm.” I nod and we stare at each other, stars fading into the dawn behind us.

“You never suggested you would visit,” he says as sun streaked the sky.

“You know me baby.” I pause to wipe away a tear. “Too stubborn.”

“You? Never,” he laughs as he brushes a kiss on  my forehead.

I hold him close for a moment then I groan as I roll over, the morning sun too bright to face.