“Come on Jay, you can pretend I’m her.”

“No. Roxie stop!” I shoved her hands away and started to re-button my shirt as Roxie pouted then retreated to the couch.

“So I guess you don’t want to hear about the little chat us girls had in the bathroom then?”

She smirked at the look of interest on my face. Of course I was interested, wasn’t it the eternal question? Why did women go to the bathroom in groups and what did they talk about in there?

“I can see you’re just dying to tell me,” I said, leaning my butt against the table and giving her a nod of encouragement.

“Hmmm, let’s see, where should I start.” Roxie crossed her legs and tapped her finger to her lips. “I know!” She smiled brightly. “Your friend Adrian is into bondage.”

No surprise there, Ads is a control freak. No secret either.

“Lucky for him, sweet little Tammy is into it too,” she added with a smirk.

“Lucky them,” I said with a shrug.

“Oh don’t worry, I told them how you’re sweet and romantic,” she said with mock concern for my feelings. “Funny, Dee looked at me a lot like you are right now when I said that.”

With disbelief? What did Dee know?

“Apparently not all of your old girlfriends are as discreet as I am.” Roxie tossed her head, her dark hair cascading down her back.

What could I say to that? “I appreciate your discretion of course.”

“Of course,” she echoed mockingly. “What’s interesting though Jay.” She paused to stand up, tilted her head as she smiled. “What’s really interesting is that Mark is like you.”

I stood up too, shoved a hand through my hair, my mind going places it really shouldn’t. My cock? That fucker was skipping down the garden path gleefully.

“Except for one thing.” Roxie paused, lifting a hand to trace the low-cut neckline of her blouse. “Apparently, Dee is down with the rough stuff.”

I almost missed the next thing she said, my imagination presenting me with an image of Dee being held down as a man, a man who might be me, bit her neck and made her groan.

“She isn’t as into the spanking as Mark is though. That’s a sometimes thing.” Roxie delivered with a smirk

New image, thank you over active imagination!

“How about it Jay, want to pretend I’m her? I know how you like it.”

She turned her back on me to kneel on the edge of the couch, braced her hands along the back. It was like she read my mind.

“You don’t have to look at my face Jay, it would be so easy.” Her siren call was hard to ignore.

I’d promised myself I wouldn’t touch her while we had this farce of a relationship. After all, that’s what had gotten me into this fucked up situation in the first place. As I stood there telling myself what a bad idea it was and what a bastard I was for considering it, Roxie slid her skirt up to bunch around her waist then arched her back as she placed her hands back where they’d been. She’d gone commando and even from here I could see she was ready.

I cursed myself as I strode into the bathroom, grabbed a condom and some lube. I was breathing heavily as I took my place behind her, undid my pants and rolled the condom on.

“Don’t move,” I snapped as I made use of the lube, smearing it over my cock then shoving my hand roughly between Roxie’s legs. She was ready but I made sure with two lube covered fingers.

She moaned and pushed back onto my hand so I slapped her ass check lightly in warning. “Do that again and I’ll leave,” I growled.

Her only answer was her hands tightening on the back of the couch as I moved closer. I braced one knee on the couch between her legs and grabbed her hips then I teased her, pushing my cock against her sopping wet pussy.

“Jay,” she groaned, a protest, a plea.

I answered with the thrust of my hips, shoving deep and hard. She gasped but her internal muscles pulsed on me, in case I couldn’t tell she liked it by how wet she was. My fingers dug into her hips, I knew I’d leave bruises but I didn’t care. I wanted her to feel them later, feel me later. Remember this was what she’d asked for, this is what she’d driven me to.

I pounded her hard and fast, her pussy strangling my cock as she groaned and muttered, a litany of curses and praise.

“Yes, harder, fuck, please, fuck, harder, fuck me Jay, please …”

So I fucked her hard, pounded into her tight wet heat until she fell into a litany of fucks that I knew meant she was about to come. Usually, I’d reach down and rub her clit, help her along but tonight I was a bastard and I hated myself and I hated her too so I just fucked and fucked, made her get there by herself.

“Oh god,” she gasped breathlessly as her pussy rippled, trying to suck the come out of me. Two more thrusts and I came, it wasn’t a soul deep wrenching explosion. There was no moment of bliss, just a release of tension, as if I’d just jerked off in the shower.

While Roxie gasped and moaned I pulled out, walked to the bathroom and dealt with the condom. I buttoned my pants then my shirt as I stared at myself in the mirror. Who was I? What had I just done?

When I walked back out Roxie was sitting on the couch staring at whatever she’d found to watch on the television. I stopped with my hand on the door knob when she called out; “See you next week, we have that work party.”

I nodded without looking at her and let myself out. I could pretend I was okay, I might even believe it one day.