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October 2016

Lucky Me (Lily & Tyler)

Tyler's face was cast in shadows as he opened the door for me. I swung my legs around to slide out but he didn't move back and with one hand holding the door and the other braced on the door... Continue Reading →

how patient? (Lily & Tyler)

I could feel Tyler watching me as I fiddled with the condiments on the table, taking the time to rearrange them by size, then by type. That job done, I folded my hands together in my lap and looked at... Continue Reading →

smoke and mirrors redux

I think I could be dreaming. I'm a little inebriated, relaxed on the couch with Ads watching Dee and Tammy dance. A little bump and grind here, a shimmy and a shake there. Yeah, this is the life. The front... Continue Reading →

smoke and mirrors

I looked at my watch for the third in as many minutes. I was always early so I still had a ten minute wait. Usually I relaxed, enjoyed the quiet time but tonight I was restless, anxious. Tyler hadn't replied... Continue Reading →

pardon the interruption …

If anyone sees the doctor, please send him my way ... laid low by a tiny bug, will be back with regular posts as soon as the room stops spinning so much!

Closer Lips brushed against the soft skin of her arched neck. Stubble scraped, making her gasp, her hands tunnelled into his hair, holding him close. His hand skated down the side of her body to grip her hip, fingers clenching... Continue Reading →

desolation heart

Feels like the words are being torn from my soul I'm sitting here with my desolation heart Can you feel it beating? I can't Been waiting here so very long Wanting Not feeling Tears don't fall any more Just blinks... Continue Reading →


"Were we ever that young?" Margie nudged me with her elbow and I looked away from the camera feed to the three twenty-somethings inside the store. I took in their painted on jeans and leggings, the tops that showed off... Continue Reading →

go away

Don't know what to write Can't find the words to say How bad you make me feel How I wish you'd go away Please don't take your time It's urgent that you go Yeah my foot is in your back... Continue Reading →

can we talk redux

I regretted the email as soon as I sent it, hated the passive/aggressive bullshit 'you looked happy with your girlfriend' line. I could blame lack of sleep since I hadn't gotten any while Paul had taken the boys grocery shopping.... Continue Reading →

can we talk?

Lily, I can't believe you got on that bus and left. I thought about driving to your house to wait for you but ... stalker much? Anyway, I know I stood there like an idiot staring at you, both in... Continue Reading →

all but gone

Don't light a candle for me I'm never coming back It's not me at all, it's really you There's something that you lack The capacity to care To see the other side I've had enough of all your crap I'm... Continue Reading →

night shift redux

"I so need this chocolate!" The woman's voice broke the spell and I turned away to shove the money in the register and grab Tyler's receipt. "Your sister is a great cook Ty but give me chocolate over creme brulee... Continue Reading →


There I go falling at your feet again Clumsy me Unravelled by your mere presence Mere? Don't look at me! I lose my ... Wait I'll get it Don't praise me You Unravelled by you Lost words Need Want Tell... Continue Reading →

no promises

I couldn't remember ever feeling this uncomfortable with Dee. That old 'cut the silence with a knife' crap? I was feeling it. I'd managed to catch Suzi before she said anything to anyone and explained ... sort of. I'd said... Continue Reading →

self service

Got RSI from too much self service Can't look at your face you make me too nervous You might see What I think about you The original sin That I want to do Me on my knees Then me on... Continue Reading →

time to talk

"Hey pretty." "Flattery will get you nowhere," I muttered, keeping my eyes closed stubbornly. "Come on now, we need to talk." "Need?" I sighed as I peeked at him, crouched beside my bed. "Things have to be said," he said... Continue Reading →


If I said you had a nice body, Would you hold it against me? In response to the daily prompt flattery

reality sucks redux

Sleeping next to Jay was a special kind of torture. Not that I was sleeping. I should have left but he was too much temptation, all sleepy eyed and offering me pancakes. At least the bed didn't reek of Roxie's... Continue Reading →

reality sucks

There was only one person who would text me before 10am on a Sunday. Dee: You alone? I have coffee and donuts! I didn't bother to answer, just pulled on some sweats as I made my way to the door.... Continue Reading →

night shift

The annoying chime alert I’d become so familiar with over the past five months drew my eyes from my book to the security screen. I took in the classic car sitting at a pump, watched as the driver climbed out... Continue Reading →

say goodbye

Poison drips From your lips An argument I just can't win My opinion Has no dominion Every word I say a sin There is no right In this fight Emotions running way to high Time to accept This crazy concept... Continue Reading →

too late

A line you can't cross To a heart you can't own Take note of the sign 'Leave Me Alone' Don't go south of the border You're not welcome there Can't you feel the contempt In the weight of my stare?... Continue Reading →

first date redux

Tyler took a step back to lean against the bench behind him. “First date,” he confirmed with a nod. “The second thing you need to know about me is that I mean what I say.” My mind supplied me with... Continue Reading →

first date?

“I was just going to go home,” I said, tearing my eyes away from his. “Home,” Tyler repeated, crossing his arms over his chest. “So you were just going to walk out?” “It’s not that far and i was going... Continue Reading →

Just a dream?

I've always been a vivid dreamer, my recall is not always great though. Some dreams stick with me for years, others disappear leaving just a drift of emotion. In recent times I have dreamed about a man. Is three times... Continue Reading →

guess what?

You found my tree And chopped it down Left me lying on the ground Waiting there my roots grew strong You thought I was broken? Guess what? You’re wrong

do it again?

I'd had good sex in the past. At least I thought I had. Until those stolen moments in a cramped maintenance cupboard with Tyler. I told myself it was the nature of the encounter, the forbidden tryst, so naughty, so... Continue Reading →

what you need redux

There should be a support group for fuckers like me. "Hi I'm Jay." "Hi Jay" "I'm in love with my best friend." Grumbles of assent, heads nodding, general support. "I don't know when it happened. I've always loved her. She's... Continue Reading →

what you need

Tyler had no idea the effect his words had on me. How could he? He didn’t know that the man I had married had said the same words to me all those years ago. He didn’t know how that knowledge... Continue Reading →

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