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October 2016

Lucky Me (Lily & Tyler)

Tyler's face was cast in shadows as he opened the door for me. I swung my legs around to slide out but he didn't move back and with one hand holding the door and the other braced on the door... Continue Reading →

how patient? (Lily & Tyler)

I could feel Tyler watching me as I fiddled with the condiments on the table, taking the time to rearrange them by size, then by type. That job done, I folded my hands together in my lap and looked at... Continue Reading →

smoke and mirrors redux

I think I could be dreaming. I'm a little inebriated, relaxed on the couch with Ads watching Dee and Tammy dance. A little bump and grind here, a shimmy and a shake there. Yeah, this is the life. The front... Continue Reading →

smoke and mirrors

I looked at my watch for the third in as many minutes. I was always early so I still had a ten minute wait. Usually I relaxed, enjoyed the quiet time but tonight I was restless, anxious. Tyler hadn't replied... Continue Reading →

pardon the interruption …

If anyone sees the doctor, please send him my way ... laid low by a tiny bug, will be back with regular posts as soon as the room stops spinning so much!

Closer Lips brushed against the soft skin of her arched neck. Stubble scraped, making her gasp, her hands tunnelled into his hair, holding him close. His hand skated down the side of her body to grip her hip, fingers clenching... Continue Reading →

desolation heart

Feels like the words are being torn from my soul I'm sitting here with my desolation heart Can you feel it beating? I can't Been waiting here so very long Wanting Not feeling Tears don't fall any more Just blinks... Continue Reading →


"Were we ever that young?" Margie nudged me with her elbow and I looked away from the camera feed to the three twenty-somethings inside the store. I took in their painted on jeans and leggings, the tops that showed off... Continue Reading →

go away

Don't know what to write Can't find the words to say How bad you make me feel How I wish you'd go away Please don't take your time It's urgent that you go Yeah my foot is in your back... Continue Reading →

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