Tyler had no idea the effect his words had on me. How could he? He didn’t know that the man I had married had said the same words to me all those years ago. He didn’t know how that knowledge had been used to isolate me, control me, own me.

I didn’t want to think about Tyler knowing everything about me. I just wanted the oblivion of his touch. Was that too much to ask?

“Lily,” he breathed my name as he looked down at our hands and I heard the rejection.

“It’s okay,” I said quickly, trying to pull my hands away. “I understand – ”

Before I could finish my sentence Tyler was moving. His hands slid to grasp my waist and a moment later he was sitting on the couch and I was in his lap, my knees on either side of his hips.

“Don’t ever think I don’t want you,” his voice was a low growl as his hands flexed and he moved beneath me, his hips lifting to rub the proof of his arousal against the apex of my thighs. “Fuck,” he groaned and his head dropped to rest on my shoulder.

He groaned again as I settled more firmly against him, loving the feel of him against me. I lifted my hands to thread through his hair hoping he didn’t notice the tremors in my fingers. He was hot and hard beneath me, before me his chest was a wall I could lean on, and the beauty of his face … words failed me. That this man wanted me, was holding me so tightly, was amazing.

“Tyler, I don’t understand,” I said confused. If he wanted me, why wasn’t he taking what I was offering?

“Believe me babe, I would love nothing more than to be inside you right now.” He doesn’t lift his head to speak and his voice is muffled but clear. His words make me ache, my body clenching as if he was in me.

“Tyler.” I tried to tilt his head back to meet his eyes but he resisted, turning his head to nuzzle my throat and it was my turn to groan as I felt his mouth on my neck.

“If I look at you.” He gave his head a little shake even as his hands pulled me down hard against his erection. “I need to talk to you first Lily.”

“Okay,” I agreed but I’d agree to anything right then, especially if he kept grinding his hips up against me like he was.

“Tell me why,” he demanded as my fingers clenched in his hair.

“Because?” I answered weakly having no clue what the question was.

“Why did you follow me that day Lily? Why were you prepared?” He gritted then I felt his teeth on me and I gasped.

Undone, I answered without thinking, my words more of a breakout than a breakthrough. “Because I wanted you, I wanted something good for myself and I wanted someone to see me, want me,” I said in a rush.

He gave a hoarse laugh. “Right here baby. I’m right here and I see you Lily.”

He lifted his head from my throat and met my eyes at last. His hands moved up to cup my face and he leaned close to brush his lips over mine.

“I’m right here and I’m going to give you what you need,” he whispered against my mouth.

(to be continued …)