“I was just going to go home,” I said, tearing my eyes away from his.

“Home,” Tyler repeated, crossing his arms over his chest. “So you were just going to walk out?”

“It’s not that far and i was going for a walk before you arrived anyway,” I said with a nervous shrug as I tried to find the way out. The kitchen and living area were at the back of the house and a wall of windows showed a patio and well groomed yard. A passage way led away from the lounge which would be where they front door was. I took a step but his voice stopped me.

“No baby. I mean you were just going to leave. I thought we were talking,” he said conversationally.

“Oh, um. I thought we were done?” The passage way was only a few steps away, if I could just …

“No Lily, we are far from done.” His terse voice drew my gaze and I realized Tyler was angry.

“But … you asked your questions, I answered,” I said, my voice strained. I just wanted out, couldn’t he see that? I was so confused by him. First he showed up at my home and whisked me away to his. Then he told me he wanted me, pulled me into his lap so I could feel that he did. He acted like he wanted me, he touched me, he kissed me, then he set me aside. Couldn’t even look at me.

“That was one question Lily.” He sighed heavily. I knew that sound well.

“What else do you want to know?” I said a little desperately.

“I told you baby, I want to know everything,” his voice was soft, cajoling. “Wont you come and sit down. Please?”

I didn’t know if I could. I knew I was freaking out but I couldn’t calm down. I shook my head, my eyes still locked on the passage that I knew would lead to my freedom.  “I can’t! I’ve told you before, I have nothing to give!” Was that me shouting?

“Okay, Okay Lily,” he said softly, the thud of a footfall making my head snap around.

Tyler was closing in on me slowly, his hands held up, concern all over his face. What must he think of me?

“No. Stop,” I whispered but he heard me and went still.

“If you want to go, I’ll take you.” He held his hand out to me and I saw it was shaking slightly.

He was nervous? Seeing that tremor in his hand calmed me a little. I guess misery really did love company.

“Come on Lily. You don’t have to walk home. I’ll take you.” He took another step closer and reached for my hand, brushing his fingers lightly against mine but not grabbing me. “Please Lily, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“I’m not scared of you Tyler,” I said and relief filtered over his face.

“I thought … the way I grabbed you. And then you ran away.” His eyes closed as he shoved a hand through his hair, messing it up even more than I had.

“I wasn’t running away.” I had been trying to but I was too proud to let him think that. Hadn’t I been telling myself just moments ago that I was woman and i could roar? I wouldn’t walk away from this confrontation like I had so many others dammit! “Maybe we could have a coffee and that talk?”

“Really?” Tyler’s eyes opened and a small smile tilted his lips. “I would love that.”

He held out his hand again and this time I took it. He led me the few steps to the kitchen, pulled out a stool for me to sit on then went about making coffee. He had once of those machines you put the pod in.

“I only have one type, hope it’s okay?”

At my nod he grinned and a few minutes later he set a steaming cup before us both.

“Thank you,” I murmured as I stared at the cup, not sure what to say now. My courage hadn’t deserted me, I just had no idea how to start the conversation.

He remained on the other side of the bench and the silence stretched out as he lifted his cup and sipped so I followed suite. It was delicious, another thing he was good at.

“Lily I really am sorry about before.” His apology broke the silence and I cringed inwardly but just shook my head.

“It’s fine Tyler, forget about it,” I said quickly. I was sure going to try to.

“I just can’t seem to control myself around you. I thought if I could just hold you while we talked.” He rolled his eyes at me and grinned. “That obviously went well.”

Wait, what? My confusion must have been obvious as he gave a low laugh.

“What? You couldn’t tell I was a moment away from taking you on the couch.” Another head shake. “I wasn’t exactly subtle baby.”

He had been hard against me but I hadn’t stopped him so why … “I wouldn’t have said no,” I blurted out, needing to know why he’d stopped. “I thought that’s why we were here,” I added.

A flush rose on his high cheekbones and he made a low growling sound in his throat that sent a shiver through me. He lifted his cup and took another sip of coffee, his eyes intent on my face.

He set his cup down then braced his hands on the bench and leaned over it, close enough that I could see the striations in his eyes. Then he said, “Despite what happened between us in that closet, and I’m not going to lie to you Lily. That was hot as fuck and I can’t wait to do it again.”

The way he talked! I sucked in a shocked breath, my body all sorts of ready to do just that but he wasn’t done yet.

“Despite that baby, I meant what I said. I want to get to know you, I want you to know me.”

My mouth dropped open in shock at his words. Didn’t he remember I had nothing to give? Nothing except my body and while he said he wanted it, he wasn’t acting like he did.

“First thing you need to know about me Lily? I don’t put out on the first date.” With a smirk he placed a finger under my chin and lifted my jaw, my mouth closing with a snap of teeth.

Then he leaned back and picked up his coffee, watching me as my brain scrambled.

“First date?”