There was only one person who would text me before 10am on a Sunday.

Dee: You alone? I have coffee and donuts!

I didn’t bother to answer, just pulled on some sweats as I made my way to the door.

“Hey Jay,” she said with the most beautiful smile.

I grunted in reply and turned away. I heard the door close behind her and the click of her sandals on the floor as she followed me back to my bed. If I had to deal with her this early and on this little sleep, I was doing it laying down.

“Roxie keeping you up late?” Her voice was too cheerful as she sat beside me, kicking off her sandals then crossing her long legs that were bare thanks to the pretty little dress she was wearing. She smoothed the material over her thighs and reached for one of the coffees she’d placed on my bedside table.

“Something like that,” I muttered, closing my eyes instead of staring at Dee licking her lips.

“A bit of boom chicka wow wow hey?” Dee poked me in the side, making me roll towards her and curl up. I was so fucking ticklish and she knew it.

“Fuck no,” I said without thinking. “I was the designated driver. Birthday dinner at a winery. Didn’t get home until after three.” I explained with a yawn.

“Sorry I woke you then.” I heard the guilt in her voice and cracked an eye enough to see her cringing.

“Mmm,” I agreed but I patted her knee to let her know it was okay. “What about you? You’re up early.”

“You know me and sleep don’t always get along,” she said with a shrug. “It’s been a while since we’ve caught up so … donuts!”

“I’m surprised Mark let you out of bed.” I wouldn’t have. “You two have been pretty tight lately.” Good timely reminder Jay, I cheered myself on.

“Mmm. He’s out of town on business,” Dee said then sighed. I got that, sucked to miss someone. I did. I was missing her. I’d been so careful to keep my distance because seeing Dee and Mark … not fun. I’d also tried to keep Roxie away from my friends as much as possible too. She was spiteful and unpredictable and she knew my dirty little secret.

“Sorry babe,” I murmured then yawned hugely.

“You’re tired, I should go.” I caught her hand before she could move.

“I bet you are too.” She yawned even as she shook her head.

“I’m fine,” she lied.

“Obviously,” I said with a snort and she laughed.

“Sorry.” She covered her mouth as she yawned so I sat up and plucked the coffee out of her hand, put it beside the one I hadn’t touched. “Come here.” I moved over and laid down, patted the spot beside me. “Couple of hours down then we’ll go have brunch.”

“At your parents?” Yeah I knew that would tempt her. My parents put on one hell of a brunch and they loved Dee nearly as much as I did.

“Blueberry pancakes,” I said and she made a little hum of pleasure.

I bit back my groan of pleasure as she curled up against me, the perfect little spoon.

“This is nice,” she mumbled as I tucked my arm over her hip and she laced our fingers together.

Nice? Try perfect. I didn’t say anything, just closed my eyes and let the sound of her breathing and the scent of her perfume take me away. My reality sucked, but my dreams were fucking awesome.