“Hey pretty.”

Flattery will get you nowhere,” I muttered, keeping my eyes closed stubbornly.

“Come on now, we need to talk.”

“Need?” I sighed as I peeked at him, crouched beside my bed.

“Things have to be said,” he said with a little smile.

I put my hand in his and a moment later we’re sitting in a cafe.

“Remember this?” He looked around fondly as I reached over and cupped his jaw, his whiskers scrapping my palm.

“Great pizza.”

“And after …” We’re standing at the mouth of an alley. “You wouldn’t let me fuck you in the alley.”

I rolled my eyes. “It was my lunch break, I had to get back to work which is right there.”

“Still, it would have been so good,” he said with a smirk then he cupped my face and brushed his lips over mine.

“I never knew what to do with you,” I admitted.

“Yeah you did.”

“You were so free, so … everything. I couldn’t believe you were mine.”

“Is that why you let me go?” Our fingers entwined and we started to walk along the street.

“I knew I couldn’t hold you so I didn’t chase you. When you left,” I said tartly.

“You didn’t think I loved you?” He turned to me and gave me a push and I fell back onto a bed.

“You were my first kiss,” I told him as he crawled onto the bed and settled over me, his body a delicious weight I had missed for so long.

“Liar,” he said with a smirk.

“The first I remembered. The when, the where, the how.”

“On your couch, you in that blue skirt.”

“You remember too.”

“Of course. I remember it all, don’t you see that? And yet, you doubt my feelings for you,” he said sadly.

“I knew you. I knew your past. I watched you break her heart then turn to me,” I said and we watched each other intently for a long moment..

“Just another girl on my list? I travelled 1200km for an infatuation, a bout of limerence?” He glared down at me.

“Look at you with your fancy word,” I teased to try to lighten the mood and tangled my fingers in his hair.

“You consumed me baby, the word fit. If you wont accept love, accept that.” His vehemence shocked me.

“I consumed -” he cut me off with his mouth, his body hard against mine.

“Remember this?” He cut me off and his mouth slid down my throat, biting not so gently. Suddenly we were naked and he was inside me, moving slow and easy. “That Sunday morning,” he rasped as he pulled out. “I left you like this.”

He had too, the bastard. Made me wait until we got back to my place.

“I hate you,” I whispered.

“Me too,” he whispered back.

I woke up too early. Wiped away a tear as I blinked at the clock, wondered if the dream would come back in the couple of hours I had left before I had to get up.

It didn’t.