Lips brushed against the soft skin of her arched neck. Stubble scraped, making her gasp, her hands tunnelled into his hair, holding him close. His hand skated down the side of her body to grip her hip, fingers clenching as he held her. His chest pressed against hers, his hips slid into place and stopped.

“Lily,” he whispered against her throat then lifted his head. Shocking green eyes stared into hers, held her gaze as he moved, the tip of his cock breaching her entrance.

He felt sublime, thick, hard, hot. His weight over her, pressing her down, his hand holding her as he pushed deeper. Making her feel dominated but not overpowered.

“I want to feel you come on my cock Lily,” his voice demanded what they both wanted.

She lifted her legs to wrap around his hips and he slid home. She melted, clenched helplessly on his hard length, rocked her hips up begging him to move.

“Nearly there babe,” he rasped and he moved deeper. “Hold on, there’s more.” She groaned and started to come apart.

“I can’t stop, no I can’t stop,” he sang.

I didn’t know he could sing.

“So baby pull me closer
In the backseat of your Rover,
That I know you can’t afford,
Bite that tattoo on your shoulder.”

I don’t have a tattoo?

“You look as good as the day I met you,
I forget just why I left you, I was insane.”

“No, it was my fault,” I murmured as the music played.

“We ain’t ever getting older,
We ain’t ever getting older.”

My dream faded as the song played on. Not Tyler singing, just the amazing Chainsmokers on the radio as my alarm woke me up. They were wrong though, we were getting older. I felt ancient as I laid there staring at the time, knowing I had to get up and be the parent my kids deserved for a few hours, before I tucked them into bed then went out and did what I had to do to become a person I could respect.

Right now that meant working the night shift at a 24 hour convenience store, making my own money so I could build a better life for us all. I banished the dream from my mind as I climbed out of bed and got dressed. As I headed out to the kitchen to prepare the after school snacks it wasn’t as easy to banish the feelings, arousal humming through my veins, my skin sensitive and flushed.

I heard the garage door and a moment later two whirlwinds disguised as children raced in and threw themselves at me. I hugged them tightly and responded to their avalanche of words as best I could.

Then their father walked in, snapped, “Boys!” I let them go and they fell into the regular routine of emptying their bags and storing them in the right place for the next day. I looked at his judgemental face as he examined the snacks I had prepared and I felt cold as ice, the good mood from my dream disappearing in an instant.

“No television until they finish their homework,” he said then walked away.

There was no point saying that I knew already . He liked to remind me every day, rules were rules after all. Instead I poured milk for the boys and placed that and their snacks on the bench. Then I got out vegetables and started the dinner preparations.

“You’ll never believe what happened at school today!”

I probably would but I smiled and said, “Wont I? You better tell me and we can see.”

They drank milk and talked and I laughed at the unbelievable things that had happened. They grinned at me with matching milk moustaches and I grabbed my cell and snapped a picture. While I held them in my heart, it was always nice to have a photo to help motivate me.

I glanced at the clock, only 4 more hours with them today and I was determined to enjoy them all.

“Okay, drink up,” I said pointing at their cups. “Then if you’re quick enough with your homework we’ll head to the park.”

“Yay!” They cheered and smiled and I got busy with the dinner prep then helped them with their homework.

Later, we walked towards the park, their hands in mine. These boys would always be my priority but I was realising that I wanted more from life. Once they were tucked in for the night and before I had to go to work, I’d check my email and see if Tyler had responded to the one I had sent him. See if he was willing to do things my way, be part of the something more I wanted.