I think I could be dreaming. I’m a little inebriated, relaxed on the couch with Ads watching Dee and Tammy dance. A little bump and grind here, a shimmy and a shake there. Yeah, this is the life.

The front door opened then letting in the scent of smoke and my dream died a sudden painful death as a man walked up to Dee and put his hands all over her. Fucker.

As if he read my mind Adrian said, “I’m going to miss that fucker.”

“Yeah,” I agreed but I was torn. On the one hand, him gone meant Dee was single. On the other hand, him gone meant Dee was alone. Torn between wanting her to be happy and wanting her to be mine. There I go, dreaming again.

“How did you get Roxie to skip this?” Adrian dropped his voice to ask. He knew that we weren’t really back together but I told him we were just attending social events we’d already committed to, just helping Roxie out. What a nice guy I was.

“What? This boring farewell dinner party?” I grinned as we took in the scene, people everywhere, drinking and dancing and not a linen serviette in sight.

“Ahh.” Adrian nodded and grinned then offered me a fist bump. “Nice work on the undersell man.”

“Thank you,” I said then tossed back the last of my drink and went for another.

Mark’s second last night in town was a roaring success, so much so that it was closer to 4am than 3am when the place emptied out. I was slouched in a corner of the couch, Adrian and Tam were taking up the other one across from me while Dee and Mark were saying goodbye to a few people at the door.

I let my eyes close, partly to shut out the sight of the mess and partly so I didn’t have to see the other couples. I heard the door shut then the couch moved and Dee groaned. Twin thuds told me her shoes had just hit the floor.

“Come here love.” Mark’s voice had me opening my eyes, sliding my gaze to where he sat on the other end of my couch, Dee leaning against him. “Thank you for tonight,” he said smiling down at her.

“Yeah it was a great party,” Tammy said from where she was draped over Adrian who had his head back, eyes closed.

“Great night Dee,” I chimed in and lifted my drink to sip.

“Are you all packed? Need a hand tomorrow?” Adrian asked.

“All done,” Mark said as he sifted his fingers through Dee’s hair. “Dee’s letting me stay here the night so it’s just the bag I have with me. The rest of my stuff is gone.”

“I’m gonna miss kicking you around,” Adrian open his eyes to grin over at Mark.

That’s right, I forgot they sparred together. It was Adrian’s fault we even knew Mark.

“Yeah, that’s not on my top ten list strangely,” Mark grinned back.

“What will you miss Mark?” Tammy asked. “Apart from the amazing company of course.”

Mark shook his head. “That’s pretty much it, just the people. Anywhere you go there are sights to see, places to eat, but the people, you can’t replace them.”

His eyes were on Dee as he spoke and I agreed with him, hell I wondered how he could be leaving her.

“There’s one thing I regret actually,” he said with a sly smile. Then he ducked his head to whisper in Dee’s ear and I watched her mouth drop open in shock before she laughed and shoved away from him.

“Pervert,” she accused still laughing as she moved away from him, to lean against me.

“What?” Tammy asked with a curious smile.

“Nothing,” Dee said firmly and shook her head,

Maybe it was the alcohol that had turned off my filters, or maybe it was just me being an idiot, but this idiot had great hearing. I grinned and said, “Threesome.”

“Jay!” Dee squealed and dug her elbow into my side, Tammy went red as her mouth dropped open while Adrian laughed and Mark grinned. “Have you no shame?” She huffed and lifted her hands to cover her face for a moment.

“Me?” I feigned shock. “Mark’s the one who said he regretted not giving you a threesome.”

Dee groaned and shook her head.

“It’s true,” Mark said unrepentant.

“Well who doesn’t like a good threesome,” Adrian was stupid enough to say which earned him a glare from Tammy.

“I suppose you agree with them Jay?” Tammy said accusingly.

“Well.” I paused to consider my answer. “I can’t deny I’ve enjoyed the experience a time or two in the past.” I took a sip of my drink and ignored Adrian’s sound of disbelief. “But it’s not something I feel is part of a committed relationship.”

Adrian glared at me, likely since I knew he and Tammy had indulged in a threesome and they were pretty committed. Now. “Just because you want to give your woman that experience, doesn’t mean you don’t lo- ah care about her,” he said, reaching out to grab Tammy’s hand.

“I didn’t say that. I just said it’s not for me.” I shrugged and Adrian glared at me some more.

“So only casual girls get the threesome with you Jay?”

I grinned at Dee’s question and turned to meet her eyes. “Now you’re putting words in my mouth baby.” Then more for Adrian and Tammy’s benefit I said, “You don’t know the first time you’re with someone if they could be more than a casual thing do you?”

Dee considered my words while Tammy and Adrian both nodded. “So for me, once I know there’s more than just casual sex, it changes how I feel about … sharing.”

“Hmmm, now I’m wondering just how many of your girlfriends you shared, and who you shared them with,” Dee said with a smirk.

“Dee!” Tammy gave a shocked laugh her face red.

I looked at Adrian who gave me a little nod then at Mark who shrugged and nodded. “Well I’ll never tell you which girlfriends Miss Nosy,” I told Dee who poked her tongue out at me . “But, I will say that I’ve seen Mark and Adrian naked and you two are both very lucky ladies.”

I enjoyed the look of shock on Dee’s face and as I pushed to my feet, her mouth opened to ask another question but I’d said enough.

“I think I should go now,” I declared. “Leave you all to … chat. Mark, good luck with everything.” Mark stood and we shook hands then Adrian and Tammy decided they should leave too and we made our way to the door. I hugged Dee and whispered in her ear, “Call me if you need me.”

I walked out with Adrian and Tammy, Adrian slung his arm over my shoulder and asked, “You shared with Mark?”

“No.” I grinned at him. “But I’ve seen him naked at the gym.”

Adrian and Tammy both laughed as we walked along together. I tried not to think about Dee and Mark or Dee and threesomes, I wished I didn’t have such a good imagination.