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November 2016

who needs friends part 2

On the screen Andrew McCarthy is telling Molly Ringwald he loves her and I'm thinking about John Cryer and how it sucks to be the best friend. Why the hell did I choose this movie? Matthew Broderick is next up,... Continue Reading →

when binge met purge (or when Ziggy got Insidious)

-start- Temptations and cravings What are these ravings Poetic frenetic Couplet coupling I saw it happen Well I read it you could say Feeling so sad when she went away Then triumphant return Ropes were earned Passion burned Hearts not... Continue Reading →

who needs friends?

Jay: Are you around? Just broke up with Roxie and could use a friend. I was a good friend. I really was. Need a lift somewhere? I can drive you. Going out of town? I can water the plants and... Continue Reading →

caught in the liminal

I'm in that place, on the cusp of sleep, or nearly awake. Not sure which one. "Threshold baby, the liminal state 'twixt sleeping and waking." I smile at the sound of his voice. Now I know I'm asleep. "Miss you,"... Continue Reading →

Dark desires redux

One last night, this was it. The beginning of the end. I watched Roxie in her black gown, drinking and laughing with her friends. As if she felt my stare she turned and looked at me so I lifted my... Continue Reading →

Dark desires

I've never been easy to please, it takes a lot to satisfy me. Sated? No I don't think I ever have been. Too much is never enough and I'll always, always want more. Call me a glutton, a fiend, a... Continue Reading →


Anticipation or trepidation I can't say for sure Nerves are all shredded As I stare at the door Watching and waiting Wishing for more Scared to believe It's me you adore Will my door ever open Will you ever appear... Continue Reading →


Not sure what you hope to elicit Your cloying sweet words leave me feeling quite explicit The things I want to do I'm sure are illicit You know my ass? Yeah you can kiss it Fuck off, go away, leave... Continue Reading →

standing static

I'm standing static Caught up in your aromatic Heartbeat's erratic Let me be your true fanatic Am I being too dramatic This reaction is so automatic Let's not get too acrobatic Tilt back your head Wanna rubble your stubble Getting... Continue Reading →


Filthy thoughts Dirty deeds In my head On my knees Read my mind Touch my skin Come with me Taste our sin Feel no shame Just love and lust Hold my heart Honour and trust Days go by There's you... Continue Reading →

one regret (rated S for smutty)

“Come here love.” Mark held out his hand to me and I sank down between him and Jay on the couch. “Thank you for tonight.” “Yeah it was a great party,” Tammy said from where she was draped over Adrian... Continue Reading →

Barstool Blues Redux

I watched Dee leave with a sick feeling in my gut. The look in her eyes had burned away the pleasant alcohol induced buzz I had going on. She had to know it was just the stupid game. Had to... Continue Reading →

Barstool Blues

I was almost to the door when I heard my name. The full Delilah too so I couldn't pretend I hadn't heard. I turned towards the bar, saw a tall gorgeous blonde man smiling at me. What was his name... Continue Reading →

The New Me

I'm feeding my fire Encouraging Internal combustion Flames stretch higher Determination grows Let it burn down to ash You wont know The new me You like the old me better ... Too bad you built the fire So sorry you... Continue Reading →

snog, marry, avoid

Boys night! Me, Adrian, Mitch and Ben. Drinking fucking Ilegal Mezcal because from experience we know we'll be pretty okay tomorrow. Unless we fall down, but that's a different story. "Alright you man hos," Adrian said with a grin at... Continue Reading →

the best ideas part 2 (Lily & Tyler)

Tyler's lips brushed mine teasingly once then he leaned back in his seat. "We have about an hour until I have to get you to work," he said glancing at his wrist watch. "Do you want to come in for... Continue Reading →

the best ideas (Lily & Tyler)

I felt a little sad as I retreated to my bedroom after settling the boys for the night. At ten my oldest was starting to protest good night kisses and his little brother would follow suite. They were growing up... Continue Reading →

waiting for midnight

Every night around midnight I wait for you Heart beats faster Pulse races Anticipation builds Do you feel it? Do you notice? The effort I made To primp and preen Show you I'm keen Pupils dilate Lips are wet Desperate... Continue Reading →

you’ve got mail (Lily & Tyler)

Tyler, It's afternoon as I write this, my boys are doing their home work and my dinner prep is done so I have a few minutes to spare. I hope you've had a productive day and not been too tired... Continue Reading →

sweet dreams

I floated inside, my body buzzing with arousal from kissing Tyler. It seemed silly that I was this excited by a couple of kisses since we'd actually done a whole lot more than that all those months ago.  Okay, just... Continue Reading →

who’s counting? (Lily & Tyler)

With a low grumble of protest from the machine that wanted to run longer and faster, he brought the bike to a stop in a space near the exit. Not for the quick getaway, but because this was the way... Continue Reading →

not too late

everyday you try to chip away at my isolation with your recitation too many words none of them heard compliments wasted heart not tasted I don't care for your care but you seem unaware you push and you shove your... Continue Reading →

wish you were here (Lily & Tyler)

Lily, Good morning or is it afternoon? If it's morning, I hope you think of me when you go to bed. If it's afternoon, I hope you dreamed of me. Either way, how was work? Thanks for the email and... Continue Reading →

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