With a low grumble of protest from the machine that wanted to run longer and faster, he brought the bike to a stop in a space near the exit. Not for the quick getaway, but because this was the way she would walk to get to the nearby bus stop. He pulled of his helmet and rested the bike on its stand, swung a leg over to lean against the seat. He ran a nervous hand over his jaw, thinking he should have shaved, then imagined her soft skin showing his marks and was fiercely glad he hadn’t. She might have to go home to the man she was in the process of divorcing, but today she’d go home with proof of him on her.

He kept his gaze on the door of the convenience store, anxious for the sight of her, while his mind worked over the words he wanted to say. How he couldn’t stop thinking about her. How he wanted to know everything about her. How he wanted to make her smile. How he wanted to make her moan. He shifted, against the bike, his body having a predictable reaction to thoughts of her. He checked the time then settled back to wait, after months of waiting and hoping, finally feeling like he wasn’t waiting in vain.

She tried not to watch the clock and count the minutes but she was Failing miserably. Thoughts of Tyler had kept her mind busy all night, the teasing kiss she’d given him had left her wanting so much more. She didn’t know if he would have replied to her email but it didn’t matter. She was ready to go beyond email, how that would work she hadn’t quite figured out but it they both wanted it … she hoped he still wanted it. No, she wouldn’t let those old insecurities creep in. She had to learn to trust her feelings again.

So when she got home, she planned to get Tyler’s cell phone number from his email and text him. Something sexy and flirty? Or maybe just a basic ‘Good morning’. She hadn’t decided yet on that but she was sending a text.

Finally 6am rolled around and she wasted no time clocking off and bidding her co-worker farewell. There was no real rush since she still had to wait for the bus but she felt restless, anxious to be outside. For once she relished the thought of the bus trip home too where she could sit and compose the perfect message.

She crossed the carpark quickly, smiling to herself and she constructed flirty texts that she’d never have the courage to send:

Bedtime for me, wish you here … guess I’ll just see you in my dreams
Good morning! Hope you have a great day … if it helps I plan to think of you before I go to sleep xx

“I’d love to know what’s putting that smile on your face Lily.”

The husky voice that had become achingly familiar in such a short time stopped her in her tracks. She took him in, looking dangerously hot in jeans and a leather jacket, leaning against his motorcycle. He was the last thing she’d expected to see at this time of the day, he’d been tired when he’d dropped her off, she could tell. He should still be asleep.

“Shouldn’t you be in bed?” She blurted.

His mouth kicked up on one side, his smile uneven as he teased her. “Is that an invitation?”

“Tyler,” she chided as she walked over to him. “Really, what are you doing here?”

All of the thoughts he’d had, the pretty words dissipated leaving him with the truth. “I couldn’t sleep, I wanted to see you too much. I can’t stop thinking about you.”

The surprise on her face changed to pleasure and when she got close enough he reached out and grabbed her hands to draw her closer.

“I feel like there’s something I forgot to do,” he said as she came to rest standing between his legs. He made himself stay leaning against his bike as he released her hands to cup her face. He leaned forward, his eyes on hers before dropping to her mouth, he groaned as her tongue peeked out, wetting her lower lip, simultaneously her hands landed on his shoulders as she leaned in too.

He had a brief thought of thanks, that he wasn’t alone with his want, then their lips met and he thought only of her. How soft she was as his tongue swept her lips, begging for entry. A groan at her sweet taste as she opened for him. Her nails bit into his shoulder as he tilted his head, finding the perfect fit as their mouths moved together.The shy stroke of her tongue against his had his hands leaving her face to grip her hips, urge her closer until the ridge of his erection pushed against her stomach.

She tore her mouth from his to gasp his name sounding overwhelmed but it wasn’t enough for him. He needed more of her taste, more of her moans of pleasure. He opened his mouth against her throat and sucked hard as she pressed against him. She moaned and he released her flesh then dropped his head to her shoulder and wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly.

“Fuck Lily,” he rasped. “I didn’t mean to do that, you shred my control.”

“Control? What’s that?” She said with the cutest little snort as her hands eased on his shoulders.

He leaned back to meet her eyes, pleased to see she looked well kissed, and yeah, he’d marked her. He lifted his hand to her neck, stroked his thumb over the bruise that was already forming.

“Should I apologise?”

“What?” Her hand lifted to cover his as her eyes went wide. “You didn’t?”

He shrugged and grinned. He didn’t want to apologise, he wanted to gloat. He wanted the world to know that was his mark on his woman. The question was, did she feel the same?

“Um, sorry not sorry?”

She shook her head, lifted her hand to caress his jaw. “What am I going to do with you Tyler?”

“Oh I have so many ideas,” he assured her then turned his head to kiss her palm. “Right now though, you can let me give you a lift home.”

Lily sighed and smiled, how could she resist? She could barely string a sentence together after that kiss.

“That would be great,” she said and was rewarded by a dazzling smile from him.

“Great! I have a jacket for you to wear.” He moved her back as he came to her feet and she was reminded all over again of how strong he was.

“A jacket?” She looked at the black leather curiously as he held it for her to slip into. She understood it was for safety but wasn’t it odd that he had one that was her size. “You just happen to have one lying around?” She couldn’t help but ask.

“Yeah I do,” he answered easily even as he worked the zipper then took her bag and looped it over her head so it sat across her body. “I have two sisters who like to call me and ask me to pick them up at odd times, so I have a couple of jackets I can take for them to wear if I take the bike.”

In one explanation she found out he had two sisters and that he was caring and responsible. No surprise on the caring given that he had shown up at 6am to take her home.

“Odd times?”

“Lots of stories there,” he said with a smile as he reached behind him for a helmet. “I’ll tell you some of them some time, but for now I better get you home. I know your boys are waiting.”

She nodded and took the helmet, more proof that he was kind and that he’d paid attention to her words. He helped her onto the bike then slid on in front of her and urged her to hold on tight before they roared out of the car park.

All too quickly they were stopping before the house she lived in. He climbed off but kept the bike idling and helped her out of the helmet then off the bike.

“Keep the jacket.” He placed his hands over hers when she went to undo the zipper. “I’ll be there any time I can manage it to take you to work and bring you home so you’re going to need it. Okay?” He prompted when she just watched him with wary eyes.

“Okay,” she agreed after a long pause and a small smile tilted her lips. “That would be nice.”

“Lily,” he sighed her name, lifted a hand to brush the back of his fingers along her cheek. “I want to kiss you again,” he said, almost as if he were talking to himself. “But.” His eyes cut to the house behind her. “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“Okay,” she said again, then just like she had the night before, she leaned in and brushed her lips over his. Unlike the night before, this time he felt the touch of tongue, and opened for her. She kissed him slow and deep and when she eased back they were both panting for breath.

He grinned at her, feeling so happy he could fly. “You just made my trip home bloody uncomfortable baby,” he growled teasingly.

“Oops,” she smiled and laughed as he growled again. She took a step back then another. “See you soon Tyler,” she said with a wave and spun on her heel to jog up to the front door.

He pulled his helmet back on and slung his leg over the bike, gave it a little rev as he watched her open the door. She looked back over her shoulder and he waved then, not wanting to watch her walk inside, he took off. He figured she must leave home around 9pm to walk to the bus stop so there was only fourteen hours until he’d be able to see her again. Not that he was counting.