I floated inside, my body buzzing with arousal from kissing Tyler. It seemed silly that I was this excited by a couple of kisses since we’d actually done a whole lot more than that all those months ago.  Okay, just say it Lily, since we’d already fucked. I shouldn’t be going there right now, even memories of that too brief encounter were potent, and were just compounding my physical reaction to his kiss.

Not just his kiss, the way he had shown up, cared enough to be there to bring me home, sent a warm thrill through me. That thrill faded to a chill as the door closed behind me.

“Do you have no regard for your family.” Paul’s cold voice whipped over me as the door closed behind me.

“Sorry what?” I turned to find him standing by the window, a look of disdain on his handsome face. I refused to be shamed by him, I arched a brow at him. “Spying on me Paul?”

“Well if you weren’t putting on a show,” he said with a sneer.

I gave a short humorless laugh. “That wasn’t a show,” I said as I walked by him, intent on having a quick shower before my boys woke up for breakfast.

“Charming Lillian,” Paul said softly and I stopped, knowing it was better to let him have his say.

“What’s that Paul?” I managed not to sigh as I looked up at him

“The way you’re acting like a rebellious teenager. Arriving home on a motorbike. What’s next, a tattoo. I find it incredibly irksome that you are doing this, what will the neighbours think.”

He was so condescending as he delivered his salvo, so smug and superior.

“You don’t even know the neighbours, so why would you care what they think?” I said incredulously. I was home early thanks to Tyler but I still didn’t have time for this. “Don’t worry Paul, I’ll be sure to explain the whole situation to the neighbours next time I see them. Actually, I’ll do it when you take the boys to school since I should go apologise for the noise. I hope they’re okay with it though as they’ll be hearing it quite often.”

He stared at me as if he had never seen me before, his mouth gaping open a little in shock. He recovered quickly though to snap at me, “What the hell does that mean Lillian!”

“Exactly what you think it does,” I snapped back. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get ready for breakfast.”

I left Paul glaring after me and escaped to my room where I collapsed on the side of my bed, my knees shaking. It wasn’t the first time I’d stood up to Paul and it didn’t get any easier but I was proud of myself none the less. Part of me wished I had someone to brag about it to, while the bigger, smarter part was glad no one knew how hard it had been for me to get to this point.

Two hours later I had endured long silences and accusing glares from Paul. The silence wasn’t so unusual that and I could ignore the glares. I was finishing up clearing the breakfast mess when he returned from the school drop off. I braced myself for another attack but all he did was give me dinner instructions before he closed himself in his office.

I knew I needed to get some sleep but I couldn’t resist checking my email and I still wanted to send Tyler that text, even more so after he’d been there for me. A thrill shot through as I saw a reply from him but I decided to leave it for now and clicked on one his earlier messages that contained his cell phone number.

A quick good morning and thank you because I think I forgot to say that! So thank you  for the lift home 🙂 Sleep time for me, hope you have a great day … talk soon xx Lily

I sent the message nervously, adding my name at the last minute since he didn’t have my number, how else would he know who it was from? My bed was calling so I set my phone to silent and succumbed to the call with a tired sigh. A soft hum as the phone vibrated on the bedside table let me know a message had come in and I couldn’t resist checking it. I feel asleep with a smile on my face, his words in my mind.

Sweet dreams of me baby, I’ll always be happy to give you a ride 😉 Text me when you’re free and I’ll be seeing you soon, count on it xxx