It’s afternoon as I write this, my boys are doing their home work and my dinner prep is done so I have a few minutes to spare. I hope you’ve had a productive day and not been too tired after your early start to the day.

It was so nice of you to pick me up today but I have to ask you not to do it again. It’s a nice idea but I would feel so guilty about you getting up early for me. I would also worry about you being tired and possibly getting hurt because of that so really, you would be doing me a favour by not making me worry!

Really taking me to work is the better option anyway. Not that I expect you to but if you want to … I’m having second thoughts about this email, I’m sure we’ll talk about this anyway! But the thing is, my boys are in bed by 8pm, usually asleep by 8.30pm so I could leave at that time rather than my usual catch the bus time. If you wanted to that is. Spend some time with me I mean.

Okay, that was awkward but I hope you get my point!

My three favourites? Chocolate. Purple. Pop/rock I guess … really whatever is playing on the radio.



Evening Sweet Lily,

Thank you for your email, we’re going to work on getting you to send texts though, I’m more into instant gratification.

We will talk about me taking you to and from work, hopefully in a couple of hours. Maybe we can swap some favours …

Interesting three though the third worries me! I think I’ll need to educate you a little bit.

I think I’ll save my next questions, ask them in person. After seeing you last night and this morning, I’m even more determined to have you in my life in person. Emails wont be enough for me and I’m pretty confident you feel the same way.