I was almost to the door when I heard my name. The full Delilah too so I couldn’t pretend I hadn’t heard. I turned towards the bar, saw a tall gorgeous blonde man smiling at me.

What was his name again? It started with T … I wove my way through the crowd and searched my memory as I got closer. Tim? No. Troy? Ah, Trent.

“Trent, it’s been ages,” I said with a smile.

“Delilah.” He opened his arms and I leaned in for a brief hug. “Buy you a drink?”

I needed one. “That would be great.” I slid onto the stool beside his as he got the bar back’s attention and ordered me a cocktail.

“You remembered my drink.” My smile was genuine as the glass appeared before me and I took a sip.

“Of course.” He smiled and I wondered why I’d ended things with him. “Are you here alone?”

“I wasn’t here at all,” I answered with a laugh at his confused look. “Just dropping off some friends.” I gestured vaguely, not wanting to look over and see … anything.

“Ah.” Trent nodded as he looked around. “We went out with them one time,” he said as he turned back to me. “Good to see they’re still together.”

“Yeah, great,” I agreed without too much enthusiasm. Jay and Roxie, yay! “So what have you been up to?” I changed the subject and Trent filled me in.

“What about you?”

I shrugged. “Same old, same old.”

Same old feelings, same old story. New heartache tonight though. I knew they were just playing a silly game but hearing Jay say he’d avoid me? That hurt. Logically I knew he didn’t have much choice, but fuck logic.

For a moment I’d thought about doing my own ‘Snog/Marry/Avoid’ just so I could say avoid Jay, see how he liked it. The shock of pain had kept me silent and then the moment passed and I was glad I hadn’t said anything. Far better to sit up here on my lofty barstool and know I’d been the bigger person. Better too that no one  knew how much his words had hurt.

As Trent and I chatted I snuck a glance at Jay only to find him looking at me in surprise. That was my cue to leave. Obviously he hadn’t realised I was still here and now that he had, it wouldn’t take long until he’d try to get me to rejoin the group.

“It’s been great seeing you Trent, but I really have to go,” I said as our conversation lulled.

“Oh really?” He looked genuinely disappointed which was a nice ego boost for me.

Beyond him I could see Jay standing up, Roxie looking up at him with her hands on his chest. Either he was coming over here or they were leaving. I didn’t want to see either of those things happening.

“I have dinner plans with my parents,” I explained as I stood up.

“I’ll walk you out.”

I nodded my agreement and we headed for the door, Trent’s hand a gentle pressure on my back as he walked at my side. I didn’t look back to see if Jay had been heading my way, just in case he hadn’t. My heart was bruised enough tonight, I didn’t think I could take another hit.