I watched Dee leave with a sick feeling in my gut. The look in her eyes had burned away the pleasant alcohol induced buzz I had going on. She had to know it was just the stupid game. Had to know I had no other choice in what I’d said. Didn’t she?

“Doesn’t take Dee long to move on does it,” Roxie said loudly so everyone looked and there was Dee, at the bar with a blonde haired man. Smiling at him. Had I imagined the look on her face?

“It’s that guy she dated a while ago,” Tammy said after a long look. “Didn’t you two go dancing with them one time?”

“She’s such a tart,” Roxie said with a smirk.

“She’s what?” Adrian snapped, the quickest of us to respond. Mitch looked surprised while Ben who was sitting behind Roxie had his index finger near his ear, twirling it and shaking his head at me. I agreed, she was crazy.

“What?” Roxie gave a careless shrug. “She is. She’s always with a different guy, flaunts her body. She’s a slut.”

“That’s not true,” Tam got in before Adrian, trying to keep the peace. “I don’t think you know Dee well enough to say that Roxie.”

Roxie tossed her head, not looking so confident but she never had known when to back down from a fight. “Just my opinion.”

“Well you’re wrong,” I said as I stood up, looking at the unhappy faces of my friends. “Sorry,” I apologised to them all, wishing I had gone after Dee and apologised to her before. “Let’s go Rox.”

“But I-”

“Let’s go.”

She looked at me and her smirk faded. She said a subdued goodbye then I took her arm and guided her outside.

“Well the hell’s wrong with you Jay!” She jerked her arm away from me and spun to glare at me.

“Nothing. It was just time to go. Come on, I’ll get you a cab.”

“Nothing,” she mimicked me as I stepped to the curb, looked for a ride to get rid of her. One pulled up and I opened the door and waited.

Roxie took her time walking over, her hips swinging, a nasty smile on her face. She stopped in front of me and braced her hands on my chest to look up at me. We looked like a couple saying goodnight, like she was waiting for my kiss. From a distance, you couldn’t see the venom leaking from her lips.

“This is about your precious Dee,” she said in a sweet voice. “What I can’t figure, is if you’re annoyed because of what I said, or if you’re angry because you know I’m right and that right now she’s somewhere fucking that hot blonde guy and you’re going home alone.”

I wouldn’t give her the pleasure of a reaction, I waited for her to get bored with waiting for one and climb into the car.

“Good night Roxie,” I said then closed the door and stood there and watched her drive away.

I didn’t know how much longer I could do this. Pretending I cared for Roxie, and ignoring the way I really felt about Dee. I pictured her walking out of the bar earlier, smiling up at the man who had his hands on her. I hated the way I felt remembering that but it was a hell of a reality check. Dee and me? Only in my dreams.