“Come here love.” Mark held out his hand to me and I sank down between him and Jay on the couch. “Thank you for tonight.”

“Yeah it was a great party,” Tammy said from where she was draped over Adrian who had his head back, eyes closed.

“Great night Dee,” Jay said then had a drink.

“Are you all packed? Need a hand tomorrow?” Adrian asked.

“All done,” Mark said as he sifted his fingers through my hair. “Dee’s letting me stay here the night so it’s just the bag I have with me. The rest of my stuff is gone.”

“I’m gonna miss kicking you around,” Adrian looked over to smile at Mark.

“Yeah, that’s not on my top ten list strangely,” Mark smiled back.

Tammy asked, “What will you miss Mark? Apart from the amazing company of course.”

Mark sighed. “That’s pretty much it, just the people. Anywhere you go there are sights to see, places to eat, but the people, you can’t replace them.” Mark smiled down at me and I knew he meant it but I also knew he was ready to go back, his promotion taking him back to his home city. He had people there, friends and family he’d be fine.

“There’s one thing I regret actually,” Mark said with a sly smile then he whispered in my ear. “I never got to share you.”

“Pervert!” I laughed. I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was and I gave him a shove and moved closer to Jay.

“What?” Tammy asked with a curious smile.

“Nothing.” I shook my head, glaring at Mark, daring him to say anything. He wasn’t the one I should have worried about!

From beside me, Jay said, “Threesome.”

“Jay!” I elbowed him and shot him a glare. “Have you no shame?”

I lifted my hands to cover my face knowing my cheeks would be bright red.

“Me?” Jay tried to sound innocent but we all knew him too well. “Mark’s the one who said he regretted not giving you a threesome.”

All I could do was shake my head as Mark agreed.

“It’s true,” Mark said unrepentant.

“Well I think that’s our cue to leave,” Adrian said as he helped Tammy to her feet and a moment later I was alone with Mark and Jay.

“What do you think Dee? Do you regret not having a threesome with Mark?” Jay’s question was relaxed and casual.

“It’s not too late love,” Mark reached for my hand and tugged me into his lap, my back to his front, my legs along the couch..

“What?” I felt a hand settle on my knee, just below the edge of my skirt as Mark cupped my face and and turned me into his kiss. Lips brushed the outside of my thigh as a hand slid higher and I whimpered at the influx of pleasure.

Mark let me go and I turned to look, seeing Jay’s dark head so close to me left me breathless, my head spinning. Was this for real? His open mouth pressed a hot kiss above my knee, his mouth slowing following the trail his hands were forging.

“You like that love?” Mark’s voice was rough and I could feel his erection pressing against my back. his hands tight on my hips. “You like having Jay’s hands on you. Jay’s mouth on you.”

Like? That was too mild of a word. I groaned and my hips arched as his hand moved higher again, brushing against my most secret flesh, where I was hot and wet, so wet I should be embarrassed.

“Do you like it Dee?” Mark prompted and I nodded, my eyes locked on Jay’s as he looked up at me, his fingers so close to where I needed them. “If you want to stop …”

“I say red,” I said. I knew the rules with Mark.

“Are you saying red now?”

I shook my head, said, “Green.”

“Perfect,” Mark breathed and rewarded me with his lips on my neck. But only for a moment. “Let’s show Jay what he’s been missing all these years.”

“Yeah lets.” Jay sat up and I bit back a protest as his hands left me.

Mark’s hands found the hem of my dress and tugged it up. He groaned as I shifted to help, rubbing against his cock, then he was lifting my dress off and I heard another groan. I looked over at Jay as he licked his lips.

“You’re so fucking beautiful Dee,” he muttered as his eyes dropped down my body.

“I want to see you too Jay,” I said, hungry to see if he was as well built as I’d imagined.

“No love,” Mark said sternly. “This is about you.”

His hands lifted to my breasts, cupping them through my black lace bra, his fingers squeezing my nipples firmly, just like I liked it.

“Let’s get these ready for Jay to suck.” Mark rubbed his jaw against the side of my neck and I turned my head enough to see that he was looking down my body, watching his hands on me.

“Are they hard?” Jay looked up at me, a flush riding his high cheekbones. “Do you want me to suck them baby? Maybe bite them?”

“Yes please,” I whispered and lifted my hands to pull the bra cups down.

He leaned in and I watched as his tongue circled the hard bud of one nipple, then Mark was moving me and his mouth covered the other one. I cried out at the pleasure, lifted my hands to clench in their hair. It was beyond sublime. I squeezed my thihgs together, so turned on I was sure that with just a little bit more pressure, just one bite, and I’d come.

“Jay please,” I begged and he sucked harder.

“She’ll come if you keep that up man.” Mark’s breath washed over my breast and a moment later Jay let me go.

“No, no, no,” I protested, glaring at Jay.

He looked beyond me though, his eyes on Mark as he said, “I want her to come on my tongue. Can I lick her pussy?”

“I think that would be her pleasure,” Mark answered, his hands cupping my breasts and rolling my nipples between his fingers.

I held my breath as Jay’s fingers hooked my panties, drawing them down and off. Feeling shy, feeling exposed now I was nearly naked and they were both fully clothed, I kept my legs pressed together.

Jay stood up and his hand slid up the side of my leg, leaving a trail of goosebumps. He licked his lips, his eyes not meeting mine. “Spread her,” he growled.

I didn’t know what he meant but Mark did. With me still in his lap, he moved to sit with his feet on the ground. Then his knees slipped between mine and he spread his legs wide taking mine with him so I was on display to Jay. Before I could protest he dropped to his knees before me and pressed a kiss to my inner thigh.

“Fucking beautiful,” he muttered as he slid his hands up my thighs. “Look how wet you are for me baby,” he praised and I looked down.

Jay on his knees, his mouth nearly touching me, his hands on me. Then his fingers brushed my clit, stroked down to circle my entrance and he started to slowly slide a finger inside.

“Please,” I begged, trying to lift closer, take him deeper faster.

“Hmmm, I love hearing you beg baby,” he said as he pulled his finger out then slid it back in, finger fucking me so shallowly it was torture.

“I think you need to tell him what you want love,” Mark’s voice rumbled against my back, then he bit my neck and it was nearly enough to send me over.

“Yeah, tell me Dee,” Jay prompted. “What do you want?”

“Lick me, suck my clit,” I said softly.

“Baby, I thought you’d never ask.” He looked up, his eyes held mine as he took me, his tongue licking around and around before he sucked my clit into his mouth and flicked it fast, over and over.”

“Yes, right there,” I hissed and buried my hands in his hair, holding his mouth against me. “Fuck me Jay,” I gasped. “Please fuck me.” I felt him groan against me and I was on the edge, so close, so close …


I groaned in protest. “No, no.”



“Let me in baby!”

My dream disappeared as I pried my eyes open, the evidence of my night’s excess spread over the coffee table before me. I’d been so hurt the night before that when I’d left Trent I’d gone to the nearest convenience store and bought enough chocolate and ice cream to feed a family of four. Looking at the debris I was a little relieved I’d only consumed enough for two before falling asleep on the couch.

Then I’d had the dream again, my dirty little fantasy come to life. I was such a tart! And now as punishment, the unobtainable object of my desire was at my front door. I sat up and realised two things. First, I was wearing one of his old tshirts to sleep in. Second, I was still aroused from the dream. I couldn’t face him like this.

I went to the door, imagined him waiting impatiently on the other side, his dark hair all askew, eyes intent. I leaned my head against the cool wood and called out, “Go away Jay.”

“I have coffee and donuts,” he called back, his voice light and teasing.

For once, I didn’t want any donuts, my stomach roiled at the thought. “No thanks, bye.”

The door vibrated against my head as he thumped on it. “Come on Dee, open up,” he coaxed.

I sighed, feeling so tired and still so stupidly hurt by the ridiculous game. “I’m not decent, go away!”

His low laugh wrecked me, eroded my walls. “Who held your hair back when you were worshipping the porcelain gods two months ago,” he teased.

I was so close to giving in, I couldn’t resist him. So I said the one thing that I knew would make him leave. “I’m not alone Jay.”

It was quiet for so long I thought he’d just left, then he cleared his throat. “Oh. Right. Sorry. Catch up with you later then.”

“Yeah later,” I agreed.

He tapped the door lightly once then I stood there, alone with my misery as he walked away, oblivious.