I’ve never been easy to please, it takes a lot to satisfy me. Sated? No I don’t think I ever have been. Too much is never enough and I’ll always, always want more. Call me a glutton, a fiend, a junkie. I wont be offended because it’s all true. I’m greedy for you, I want it all. Your pleasure, your pain. I want to lick your sweat, drink your tears. I want to know they’re for me baby. I know you love it when I hold you down and make you beg for more. I want to hear you scream, I want to feel your nails in my shoulders …

Do you remember?
Long hot nights in December
Sweat and … other fluids
Desires getting … lurid
Your mouth
Heading south
Moaning and pleading
Licking and squeezing
Your fingers inside
Making me ride
Chasing that high
How many times?