On the screen Andrew McCarthy is telling Molly Ringwald he loves her and I’m thinking about John Cryer and how it sucks to be the best friend. Why the hell did I choose this movie? Matthew Broderick is next up, I’m pretty sure there’s no heartbreak in that one.

I got up to change the movie and heard a thud but then nothing so probably just someone walking by. There’s a party a few doors down, I’d been invited but wasn’t in the mood to socialise. Another thump. Maybe someone had the wrong apartment? I made sure the security chain was on as I cracked the door to peek out.

I closed it quickly and let my head rest against the cool wood for a minute. It wasn’t fair, in fact it plain sucked. I looked down at myself resplendent in yoga pants and an old t-shirt. Life really fucking sucked. I undid the chain, opened the door and propped myself against the jamb.

“Hey baby.” He smiled up at me with his heartbreaking smile, hair tousled, eyes bleary.

“What are you doing Jay?”

“You were out so I came to wait for you to be in,” he said as he rose unsteadily to his feet. “You’re in!”

“I am.” I couldn’t help but smile back at him. He was a gorgeous as usual in a suit and tie, the jacket hanging from his hand along with a white shopping bag.

“I bought … stuff?” he frowned at the plastic bag he held then peered inside. “Chocolate!”

“Great job,” I praised him and stepped aside so he could come in. “I thought you were going to be okay?”

He stopped in front of me, braced a hand on the door beside my head and leaned down to kiss my cheek. “I’m fucking awesome babe.” He made his way to the couch and sprawled out, toeing off his shoes and dropping his jacket and bag of goodies on the floor.

I shut the door and went straight to the kitchen for a bottle of water.

“You might be awesome now but you’ll be sorry tomorrow,” I said as I held out the bottle to him.

“No, no.” He waves the bottle away with a grin. “I’m great, no hang over with mezcal,” he said smugly.

I wasn’t so sure so I just opened the bottle and held it out until he took it and drank half.

“Bossy much?” he pouted up at me as he wiped his mouth on the back of his hand.

“Drunk much?” I shot back as I took the bottle from him.

“Yep.” He grinned then grabbed my hand and I let him tug me down onto the couch beside him. “What are we watching?”

He slowly blinked at the screen as I started the movie and I knew he’d be asleep in no time. As the opening credits played his eyes drifted closed and I sighed. I hadn’t been there last time he’d broken up with Roxie but I’d heard he’d been a mess. I couldn’t resist running my fingers through his hair as I eased his head back against a pillow.

A smile tiled his lips and he murmured, “Love you,” then his breathing evened out and I knew he was asleep.

“Love you too Jay.” I settled back next to him and watched the movie. The last thing I remember hearing was Charlie Sheen saying ‘Drugs’.