a little bit smutty


December 2016

the rules redux (Jay & Dee) (smutty)

Another boy's night. Me, Mitch, and Ads. Ben is out on date three with his latest. I'm feeling mellow and sated. So fucking satisfied you would not believe it. I can hardly believe it. Dee. Fuck. That girl. I close... Continue Reading →

the rules (Jay & Dee)

I knew it was too early to go to see Dee but I wasn't sure how much longer I could wait. Coffee, she had said, and we usually met around nine. But I figured the conversation we were going to... Continue Reading →

A man with a plan (Jay & Dee)

Could I have fucked things up any more? As the door closed behind Dee I groaned and thumped my head against the wall. "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" What the hell had I been thinking? "Fuck it!' I sighed and pushed away... Continue Reading →

passion’s renewal

it's just a night like any other sitting waiting for my lover will he tease to please or please to tease will he want me down on my knees hours sublime are going to wind taking paths through our twisted... Continue Reading →

Meant to be

You don't need to pillage I'll give it up for free I have everything you want You have everything I need We could be so copacetic Perfect synchronicity If only you'll admit That we were meant to be My body... Continue Reading →

please Sir

my demons are whispering can't you hear them begging for a hit of you just a word Sir just a look Sir please Sir a touch Sir I'm crying on the bathroom floor the tracks on my arms only visible... Continue Reading →

desolation heart redux

This could be the time I think it's the right day Time to retreat Just go away I doubt you'll miss What you never had Potential missed Passion gone bad Words I never said Thoughts I never shared Think yourself... Continue Reading →

Take me redux

Find me in the darkness Where the light can't penetrate I'll be waiting on my knees Yours to venerate Take me in the light When the darkness takes ahold I'll drown you in my lust You don't have to keep... Continue Reading →

Friends with benefits? (Jay & Dee)

As Jay lay beside me, his hands stacked behind his head my mind raced. I wished I could see him better but at the same time was glad to hide in the dim light. He wanted me? Okay his erection... Continue Reading →

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