If I could lock her away, in a tower like a princess, with only me able to scale those walls to see her, I would do it in a heartbeat. She doesn’t know, but she’s the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow, the unattainable treasure I’ll always want. For as long as I can remember she’s been my dream girl, fantasy woman, my ‘if only’. If only she knew. If only I had the courage to tell her. But do I? No. I keep it all inside, lock it down, and be the best friend she ever had.

I trailed after her, smiling as she interacted with the sellers, purchasing trinkets and gifts, carrying her bags, glaring at the men who dared look at her. I couldn’t blame them, she looked gorgeous in her strappy sundress. When she’d walked out of her room in the  red and white concoction the bite of bacon and egg in my mouth turned to dust and I’d nearly burned myself gulping down coffee so I could talk.

“You like?” she’d said with a smile and done a quick twirl on the spot, the full skirt flaring out.

I’d smirked and raised an eyebrow, nodded and said, “Wow.” Then I’d stuffed more food in my mouth so I couldn’t say what I was thinking. That went something like, “Wow baby, great dress. You could just sit on my lap while I fucked you and no one would know what we were doing underneath it.” Or, “Wow baby, it makes your legs look incredible. Come sit down and I’ll give them a full examination with my tongue.” Or even, “It’s horrible, take it off! Now that you’re naked, I’ve got something for you.” Yeah the last one.

I would just push my shorts down enough to free my hard cock for her to sit on. The image of her naked while I was dressed did it for me big time. There I was, back to my tower fantasy. Didn’t I mention that aspect of it? That she would be naked all of the time. I’d climb that tower, ready for her, then take great pleasure in making her ready for me. Fingers, tongue, whatever she wanted.

“Jay, come look. This will be perfect for your mother.”

Well, there went my semi from the little tower fantasy I’d been entertaining. See how great she was? She even knew how to kill my erection when it popped up at the wrong time.♥