if you insist
I think I might
just manage to do you
all through the night

if you really want
I think I could
take full advantage
if I really should

if you like
I think I’d abide
riding you hard
some of the night

if you tell me
I think I’ll listen
make you sweat
your body will glisten

if you say
you’ve had enough
of this gentle shit
it’s time to fuck

I’ll probably listen
I’ll likely agree
you’ll probably find
I’m down on my knees

if you say
you like it rough
a little bit nasty
whip out some cuffs

I’ll probably beg
I’ll likely plead
you’ll probably find
I can meet your needs

if you say
if you ask
any deed
any task

it’s never too much
it’s never enough
give me a try
call my bluff

if you will
if you dare
any time
any where