After a full day of shopping I was looking forward to a cold beer and some good food. Good company too of course. Beside me was Dee, next to her was Tam and Adrian. Across form us sat Mitch and Ben and their dates for the night.

“Where’s Roxie?”

Even as Ben asked I felt Dee’s hand on my knee, giving a reassuring squeeze. Shopping had ended closer to my place than hers and I’d changed into jeans before we came to dinner. Bad side; I didn’t feel her skin to skin. Good side, jeans did a much better job at hiding the perpetual hard on I had around her.

“She dumped me,” I said, even remembering to sound sad about it.

“Oh.” One of the girls looked over, she had a B name. Barbie? No, a boy’s name … Billie! “So you two aren’t a couple?” she pointed from me to Dee. “I totally thought you were a couple.”

“I did too, the first time I met Dee.” Tam leaned in to say. “I was so embarrassed,” she added almost inaudibly.

Dee looked at Tam in question but the other woman was speaking now.

“I thought they were a couple too,” she said then sipped her drink. “Total couple vibe.”

“They get that a lot,” Ben said as he lifted his hand to stroke the second woman’s hand, making his move.

We do? I looked at Dee with a frown and she just shrugged. If everyone else go that vibe, why the hell couldn’t Dee?

“Would it be inappropriate to sing ding song the witch is dead?” Mitch shot me a smirk.

Dee groaned and buried her face in her hands while Adrian choked on his drink and Tam gave Mitch a reproaching look.

“Dude!” Ben said with a shocked laugh.

“Was she that bad?” Billie asked Mitch who turned towards her, draping his arm over the back of her chair. Making his move.

“No she wasn’t,” Tam defended while beside but slightly behind her Adrian was nodding his head.

“You guys are funny,” Billie said with a smile at Tam and Adrian then she looked at me. “Sorry about your break up, Jay right?”

“Right.” I nodded. “And thanks.”

Then she reached across the table and stroked the back of my hand. “You know they say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.”

“Ah.” I cut a look at Mitch who was grinning at me then he lifted the hand he had behind Billie’s head and held up three fingers. I used the excuse of taking a drink of my beer to move my hand. “Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.”

I leaned back in my seat and look anywhere but at Billie who was staring at me and licking her lips. Thankfully our appetisers arrived and everyone got busy eating. Of course, Dee hadn’t missed a thing. She leaned in and quietly asked, “Did Mitch just invite you to have a threesome with Billie?”

“Did you hear what she said?” I countered not wanting to admit to anything.

“Mmm. Funny, no one gave me that advice when Mark left.”

Our eyes caught and I would have offered her anything she wanted right then, under her, over her, behind her.

“It’s not surprising really.”

Dee turned towards Tam’s voice, breaking our eye contact. “What’s that?”

“The threesome.” Tam looked around so I did too. Ben and Mitch were talking with their girls and Adrian was busy shovelling nachos into his mouth. “Everyone knows Jay’s the go to guy for a good threesome,” she whispered.

Behind her Adrian was choking on his food. Across from us they hadn’t heard what she said, thank fuck!

“They do?” Dee turned to me a smirk on her pretty lips. Tam saved me from answering.

“That’s why I was so embarrassed when we met the first time. I thought you were with Jay and I’d…” she left us all hanging as she reached for her glass of sangria and took a drink.

“Tam,” Adrian said gently, smiling down at her. “I don’t think Dee needs to know all the details.” His eyes met mine in an unnecessary apology.

“It’s fine,” I assured them. “It’s not like Dee thinks I’m a virgin.”

Dee snorted at that as Tam’s eyes went wide. “Well he could be actually, we didn’t do that. I just gave him a bl-”

Adrian’s hand over her mouth stopped her words as Dee dissolved into laughter. She turned to me and my arms automatically went around her as she rested her head on my shoulder.


I had to laugh. It was that or cry. Mitch’s date wanted a threesome with Jay, Tam had had one though no sex, just a blow job, and apparently he was the go to man for threesomes. As I recovered from my almost hysterical laughter, I thought back to the day we’d spent together. From waking up with him hard and hot behind me, one hand caressing my breast, the other between my legs, to helping him with his christmas shopping, and now dinner with friends. I had been fooling myself, pretending it hadn’t felt like we were a couple.

Well my little fantasy bubble had just been popped. I used my napkin to dab at the tears that had leaked from my eyes then pulled away from Jay. I couldn’t look at him so I looked at Tam and Adrian instead and Tam was smiling happily.

“See, Dee’s fine with it. And I feel better not having this secret between us,” she said and Adrian nodded.

“What’s going on?” Ben asked with a smile from across the table and I wondered if his date wanted Jay too.

“Nothing,” Jay said firmly.

“Just girl talk,” Tam added.

Plates were cleared and conversations resumed and Jay tugged on my hair. I knew I couldn’t avoid looking at him all night, but a little more time would have been nice.

“Hey,” he said softly, a question in his voice.

I turned to him, with his messy hair and navy blue eyes and I got it, I always had. What woman wouldn’t want him?

“Forget it Jay,” I said and gave his knee a reassuring pat. I was going to try to and I didn’t need any more details to forget.

“Baby.” His hand covered mine and squeezed as he sighed and he looked nervous. “I’m not,” he started to say but Tam wasn’t finished yet.

“It was my fantasy Dee.” I shook my head at Jay and turned back to my earnest friend. She obviously needed to tell me all about it. How lucky am I?

“You don’t need-” I tried to stop her but she talked right over me.

“And it was the first time we’d met,” she said in a rush. “Which makes me sound like a slut but.” She shrugged. “Well maybe I was, but I had this gorgeous man offering to make my fantasy come true. Then when I told him what it was, he pointed at Jay and well … if I had known it would become more than one night, I would never have said yes.”

She looked so earnest, I almost believed her. I just gave her a look and she flushed and smiled.

“Okay, I would have. But can you blame me? I mean look at them!”

She had a point, Adrian and Jay were both great looking, well built. I’d seen Adrian in seduction mode too and he had the moves.

“It’s okay Tam, I get it.” I managed to give her a one armed hug. “It’s just got me thinking.”

“Well that’s dangerous,” Adrian muttered with a grin, making Tam laugh and me glare.

“Come on, thinking what?” Tam prodded.

I licked my lips nervously, shot a glance at Jay who was watching me with a smirk. Mitch and Ben were busy with their ladies so I spoke the truth.

“Thinking about Mr Go-To. You’ve had him,” I teased Tam. “Apparently everyone else has or wants to have him. Maybe I should,” I said with a casual shrug. “See what all the fuss is about.”

Of course they thought I was joking. Adrian laughed and Tam shook her head with a smile.

“Good one Dee,” she said and I lifted my glass to her then took a sip.

“Hey get this!” Adrian smirked at me as he got the attention of the other side of the table. “Dee’s gonna give Jay a try, see if he’s as good as we’ve all heard.”

Billie glared at me, Ben’s mouth dropped open, and Mitch grinned. Then Ben shook his head as a smile spread over his face.

“Yeah right,” he scoffed. “Look at Jay’s face.”

Did I have to? He looked like Ben had. Shocked, disbelieving. I managed a soft laugh and patted his leg under the table. “It’s okay Jay,” I reassured him. “Everyone knows it’s a joke.”

The joke was on me though. Har de fucking har!

To be continued …