I’m caught in your moment again

Trapped by … my desire

Wondering how

Wondering why

What do you have that makes me so …

Fuck it!

Forget the mystical

Just focus on the physical

Don’t want to consider

The depth of your soul

Don’t want to think about

Your clever mind

Don’t call me baby
Don’t give me your smile
Don’t want to love you
Not for a while

Pretend you don’t know me
Pretend it’s just lust
Just for one night
I’ll make it enough

I’ll be back tomorrow
The friend that you need
Tonight I’ll binge
Satisfy my greed

Nothing to promise
No need for regret
We’re just scratching an itch
You owe me no debt

I can lie to myself
At least for a while
Just don’t look too close
At my painted on smile

One more time
Pretend you’re mine
Next time I see you
I’ll pretend I’m fine