Jay was ready to share? Well good for him! I took my time scooping up some more brownie and ice cream. Maybe Jay and Adrian could just share, no one really needed to hear my fantasies.

“How about you Dee?” the devil gave me a mischievous look. “Ready to tell us your secret fantasy?” Tell? How about show? He was right there, I could just … “No, wait, let me guess.” He stroked his thumb over his lower lip, his eyes narrowed on me.

“Oh this will be good,” Adrian muttered and Tam made a little humming noise.

“I’ve got it,” he said..

“I doubt it.” I swirled my spoon through the melting ice cream and scooped up some more of the sugary goodness.

He gave me a superior knowing look then pointed from me to Tam and back again. “Girl on girl,” he mock whispered with a smirk. Such a tease.

“This is Dee’s fantasy, not yours idiot,” Adrian said with a chuckle.

“It’s not fantasy if you’ve done it, right?” he tried to look innocent, the idiot.

“Enough kidding around,” Tam said sternly and pointed at Jay. “Spill.”

“Okay, okay.” His eyes darted to mine and a flush stained his cheeks then he looked back at Tam. “Sorry Tammie, it’s not that dirty.”

His tongue slicked over his lips and he leaned forward, his chest pressing against my shoulder, pushing me forward a little. Tam leaned in and Adrian loomed over her shoulder, all of us watching Jay expectantly.

“Sex in my car,” he whispered.

I blinked, looked at Tam who was looking at Jay, waiting for more. Adrian shook his head, his brows lowering into a frown.

“That’s it?” he said, so I didn’t have to. “Jeez Jay, we’ve all had sex in a car,” he scoffed.

Point to Adrian. So what was with Jay looking flushed and embarrassed?

“Not just in the car. While I’m driving,” Jay elaborated and I wondered if I looked as surprised as Tam did. “Obviously it will never happen but.” He shrugged. “There it is.”

“Control issues,” Adrian muttered and Jay shrugged and flipped him the bird.

“What’s yours then, hotshot?” he challenged.

Adrian smirked.” Mine doesn’t involve a death wish. Well.” He shot a nervous glance at Tam. “I don’t think it does.”

Tam grinned up at him. “It’s okay, it’s a fantasy. We wont judge you sweetie.”

“I will,” Jay muttered and I poked him in the side with my elbow.

Adrian sucked in a breath then blurted it out. “My fantasy is a threesome with two women,” he said, his eyes locked with Tam’s.

“You want another woman?” she said uncertainly.

“No,” he answered quickly. “I want another woman for you.”

“Oh,” Jay breathed, his breath feathering over my ear. “Girl on girl,” he said a little louder. “Sweet.”

Tam turned to glare at Jay who shrugged then she turned back to Adrian. “Is he right? You want me to be with another woman?”

“My fantasy, remember?” he said cautiously.

“Well that’s…” Tam flushed but seemed lost for words.

“Kind of hot,” I said softly and Tam nodded jerkily.

“Yeah but, I don’t know if I…”

“Hot hey?” Jay tugged on my hair, earning himself a dirty look. “I didn’t think that was your fantasy.”

Adrian and Tam had their heads together talking quietly so I leaned closer to Jay. “What was it you said? It’s not fantasy if you’ve done it.”

His mouth actually dropped open,Β  and I could almost see the questions racing across his face. Before he could voice any of them, Tam interrupted.

“What about you Dee?”

Damn! I thought Adrian had distracted her and I was going to get out of sharing. My mind provided a greatest hits reel of my Jay induced fantasies, ending with the newest in the front seat of his car. Nope, I wasn’t sharing any of those.

I cleared my throat, picked up my coffee to sip as Tam watched me with a curious smile. I locked onto her eyes, tried to pretend it was jut the two of us. “I have discovery fantasies,” I said softly.

“Like, you want to get caught? Having sex?” Tam said just as softly.

I felt the heat of Jay along my side, his breath a soft caress against my cheek. “No I ah.” My voice failed me as I felt a hand on my knee under the table. “It’s the risk of getting caught.” I managed to say, amazed my voice sounded normal as my heart raced. Strong fingers curled over my knee then slowly edged higher, under my dress.

“Hmm, naughty Dee,” Adrian said with a grin. “Just how close have you come? Hey, see what I did there?”

We all laughed and I darted a look at Jay as his hand stopped high on my thigh. Our eyes met for one heart stopping moment as he squeezed my leg then he looked away.

“This is fantasy remember Ads,” he said. “Our Dee doesn’t go around having sex in public places.”

“I don’t really get it,” Tam said with a frown.

“It’s like that time we…”

Adrian’s voice dropped as he sat back in his seat, Tam leaning towards him. I turned to Jay, both to give them some privacy and to calmly say, “What do you think you’re doing Jay?”

His thumb moved in a slow sweep on my leg as he gave me an innocent look. “Just helping out,” he murmured. “I’m the go to guy for fantasies you know.”

Jay touching me, Jay teasing me, Jay touching and teasing me in public. This ticked so many of my fantasy boxes it wasn’t even funny. But that’s all it was, him teasing I reminded myself.

“Oh haha,” I said and rolled my eyes.

“What’s wrong baby? Scared you wont be able to control yourself when I touch you?”

He had no idea! It was taking all of my control not to react to what he was doing and he was barely touching me. “Jay.” I tried to sound stern but I was afraid I sounded desperate.

“Let me,” he whispered as his hand moved a fraction of an inch higher. He turned his head and his lips brushed my ear. “Let me touch you Dee, let’s see if reality is better than fantasy. Let’s see if you can chat with Tam and Adrian while I do this.”

I gasped as his fingers brushed my panties, my embarrassingly wet panties. “Mmmm. Feels like you like the idea,” he said, his voice husky. “Let me,” he said again.

I couldn’t think. Not with Jay’s hand between my thighs, his finger moving in a tiny circle over my clit.

“Oh, you should find someone to do that with Dee,” Tam’s voice penetrated my lust hazed mind and I turned to face her. She was smiling, her face lightly flushed. “Adrian and I did that once, it was incredible,” she added.

“You did? I’m-” I paused to pick up my coffee cup. Well actually I paused because Jay had just slipped his finger under my panties and I couldn’t speak. He teased me with the lightest touch, flesh on flesh. I cleared my throat. “I’m shocked!”

Tam laughed. “You are not.”

She was right, I wasn’t. I just couldn’t think of anything else to say. Especially not when Jay was sliding his finger lower, teasing me with penetration. My body clenched hungrily, wanting even as my mind cleared and I clenched my thighs together, stilling his hand. What was I doing? Letting him touch me like that when it was all just a game to him? Sure it felt good right now, okay it felt phenomenal, but how would I face him later?

I didn’t want to be a game, didn’t want him to be the go to guy for my fantasy. I wanted so much more than that from him. ‘Let me’ he’d whispered, and I had. Partly because I’d craved his touch for so long, but mostly because he’d asked. My ‘no’ was broken when it came to Jay. I had to get away from him, had to clear my head. Think instead of feel. Be smart so I didn’t end up with a broken heart.

I patted Tam’s hand and smiled at her brightly. “Let’s go freshen up and you can shock me some more.”

I pushed my chair back and instantly felt the loss of his touch. “Wont be long,” I promised Adrian and walked away without looking at Jay. Once there I dug out some money and handed it to Tam. “I have a headache so I’m going to head home.”

She tried to get me to let her and Adrian take me home but I pointed out they hadn’t finished dessert and that I didn’t want to spoil their night. Then I slipped out and was lucky enough to get a cab right away. Those crazy minutes replayed through my mind and I groaned and covered my face.

“You okay miss?” the driver stared at me in the rear view mirror. “You’re not going to throw up are you?”

“No.” I dropped my hands and gave him a weak smile. “I’m fine.”

I really wasn’t but he was reassured so I guess I was at least a good liar. I could only hope that the next time I saw Jay I could lie as well, or at least act like him having his hand in my pants was no big deal. Hell, he probably fingered girls in restaurants all the time.

I paid the driver who looked at me strangely, probably because I kept laughing to myself at the thought of all the women Jay had helped out with their fantasies, and headed up to my apartment. “He’s the go-to guy,” I muttered the reminder to myself, that’s why I hadn’t let him keep going. Damned if I was going to be one more on the list. List? More like a phone book. “Ha!” I snorted a laugh as I rounded the landing.

Something made me look up then, maybe he made a sound, or maybe it was my survival instinct, either way, I went still. My heart fluttered, run, run, a voice whispered but I couldn’t, I was frozen to the spot. Jay was leaning against my door, his arms crossed over his chest, looking angrier than I’d ever seen him.

How had he gotten here so fast? Why was he here? I didn’t get the chance to ask my questions before he asked one of his own.

“Something funny baby?”